Hadad: Proposed measures to accommodate Tobago passengers will not work

"It's going to be ole mas in Tobago today."

That's according to president of the Inter-Island Transport Committee's Tobago Division Dianne Hadad. 

Her comments follow yesterday's announcement that the T&T Express has been taken off the route. 

She adds the proposed measures to accommodate passengers will not work.

Jesse Ramdeo tells us more.


PTSC: No plan to raise bus fares

If everything else is “going up,” PTSC bus commuters are still safe from fare hikes—so far.

Although the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) hasn’t had a fare increase in 26 years and depends on an 80 per cent subsidy from the Government, there’s no intention to consider raising fares, PTSC chairman Edwin Gooding has assured.

Gooding did so yesterday when PTSC managers were interviewed by Parliament’s Joint Select Committee (JSC) on Land and Physical Infrastructure. This examined the bus transport system’s efficiency.

Church, charity, school bodies still exempt from Property Tax

It’s official: property used by churches, educational and charitable institutions will continue to be exempt from the Property Tax Government intends to implement this year.

Finance Minister Colm Imbert confirmed this yesterday following queries about a clause in new proposed Property Tax legislation which was laid in Parliament last Friday. Also presented was new Valuation of Land proposals to effect the VOL act. Both pieces will be debated later on.

Revamped Property Tax proposals from Govt

s Property Tax looming for properties used for religious, educational and charitable purposes?

The areas—so far exempt from the tax—are spotlighted in new proposed Property Tax legislation laid last Friday.

New Property Tax proposals, plus new proposals concerning the Valuation of Land (VOL) act, were part of a supplemental package laid in Parliament.

The proposals concerning the VOL involve a revamped Valuation Return form, seeking expanded details about properties.

Hoteliers hoping for Easter recovery

Tobago hoteliers are keeping their fingers crossed that the T&T Spirit will return to service on the seabridge soon.

The vessel has been out of service since June last year when it went on dry dock, leaving its sister ship the T&T Express operating solo on the route. Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said he expects the vessel would be “out from dry dock soon.”