Support growing for Tobago shutdown

President of the Inter-Island Truckers Association Horace Amede says his motion calling for a two day shutdown of Tobago is meant to send a message to the powers that be that “this thing cannot continue.”
Referring to months of disruption on the seabridge, he said: “People are hurting and businesses are closing down.”

The shutdown, details of which are yet to be finalised, is getting support from the Minority Council of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) and the Public Services Association, both led by Watson Duke.

Vandals hit TSTT's wireless equipment during closure of Lady Young Road

TSTT says that during the recent closure of Lady Young Road as a result of a landslide, its TV service equipment on Lady Young Road was extensively vandalized.

The company issued a statement Wednesday saying that this impacted the service to its wireless TV customers.

It says this issue has been further compounded by similar incidents of vandalism at other TSTT TV service sites, including Poole.

TSTT says the overall effect has been a loss of access to 50% of the channels available to some wireless TV customers and a deterioration of service nationwide.

Beetham entrepreneurs thriving in ‘Hell Yard’

When people hear the word “Beetham”, it conjures up nightmarish images of an area stigmatised with rampant poverty, crime, and violence.

With acrid smoke billowing from the landfill and gun smoke emanating from the enclave, motorists drive through the Beetham Highway gauntlet at maximum speed with their windows up and car doors locked fearful of missiles thrown at their vehicles or debris strewn on the road in attempted robberies in gridlock traffic.

NGC, CNC return to the table

The National Gas Company Limited (NGC) and Caribbean Nitrogen Company (CNC) have quietly returned to the negotiating table after a major stand-off that resulted in the NGC cutting off natural gas to the company and CNC taking the State-owned enterprise to the UK Court of Arbitration.

The stand-off earlier this year, led to the Government accusing CNC of trying to bully the NGC for gas and saying it is not a secret that NGC will have to pay significantly higher prices for gas in 2019.

Petrotrin to take control of Catshill field by noon today

State-owned oil company Petrotrin will be taking possession of the Catshill field by noon today.

The move comes a day after a and v oil and gas was defeated in the privy council. It meant a and v was unable to prevent Petrotrin from terminating its multi-million dollar contract with them.

The Catshill field was previously operated by A&V Oil and Gas.