Embedded thumbnail for Aripero takes a stand

Another day of blocked roads in south Trinidad as residents of Aripero in Rousillac burnt debris to highlight what they say is constant neglect in their community.

But their member of...

Embedded thumbnail for Family being evicted from Emergency Shelter

A Penal family affected by floods is tonight being evicted from an emergency shelter.

The family was rescued from flood waters on Tuesday and now they are questioning whether it's safe to...

Embedded thumbnail for Paria's not destroyed

Despite social media reports that the famous Paria Falls is no more, Hikers Inc visited the area today and says it’s not so. Hike...

Embedded thumbnail for Three murdered in Marabella

Three families are tonight without their loved ones after gunmen stormed a Marabella bar on one of its busiest nights.


Embedded thumbnail for Unemployment down

The latest data from the central statistical office points to a decrease in the unemployment rate.

However, it also finds that the largest job losses came from the public sector.

Embedded thumbnail for Population split in the middle on welcoming Dominicans

It has been described as a humanitarian crisis and the prime minister has offered a humane response.

But it seems as though the population is split in the middle on the idea of locals...

Embedded thumbnail for Snakes, termites force school protest

It was fiery protest to start off Thursday morning in Flanagin Town.

It may have caused some traffic and an inconvenience to the working population but it didn't affect the students the of...

Embedded thumbnail for Police officers could face criminal charges for "day of total policing"

Some police officers may be facing the possibility of criminal and disciplinary action following an investigation by the police complaint authority into the “total day of policing.”

The PCA...

Embedded thumbnail for Inside the Festival: The Lost tribe

The lost tribe launches its look 2018.

Ultimate Rejects receive their prize money for road March 2017.

And thousands head to army fete last Friday night.

All in tonight's...

Inhumane and unlawful, that’s how a group of Venezuelan nations is describing an exercise by the police on Aripita avenue on Friday night.


Embedded thumbnail for Richard Baird died from a broken neck

An autopsy on the body of Richard Baird reveals that he died from a broken neck.


Dillon: A line has been crossed