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Evening News Headines for Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018.

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PSA president Watson Duke is promising a major legal battle against the labour minister.

This after she filed an injunction preventing air traffic controllers from calling in sick.


A narrow escape for a former member of parliament today as her car was almost pinned by a landslide along the lady young road.

\it's the third major landslide for the year and it resulted...

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Jannelle Bernard speaks to visitors in downtown Port-of-Spain about their safety concerns following a threat to Carnival disclosed by the police.

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Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley tells the nation he does believe something went wrong with the transaction involving vessels from Bridgeman Services Limited.

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Morning News Headlines for Thursday 25th, January, 2018.

The minister of education has listed three schools where he believes acts of sabotage have been perpetrated on the sewer systems.

He said the acts resulted in several closures and barrage...

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Prison officers are demanding greater protection from the state.

Their request follows the murder of one of their own over the weekend.

Today, they took their concerns to the...

Prime minister Dr. Keith Rowley says the threat to Carnival was unlike any other this country has ever faced.

Dr. Rowley spoke on the issue for the first time today saying it was no joke....

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Final tributes today for attorney at law, politician and radio talk- show host Carol Cuffy- Dowlat.

Carol died last week Friday at the Eric Williams Sciences Complex.

Otto Carrington...

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Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley is defending his decision to return Marlene McDonald to his cabinet.

Ms. Mcdonald was relieved of her duties because of questions about her conduct as a...

Embedded thumbnail for Police officers could face criminal charges for "day of total policing"

Some police officers may be facing the possibility of criminal and disciplinary action following an investigation by the police complaint authority into the “total day of policing.”

The PCA...