Man charged with stealing frozen poultry from priest's freezer

A baker, who stole a quantity of frozen poultry from a freezer belonging to a priest in the Mt. Pleasant district earlier this month, has been granted $75,000 bail, by a Scarborough Magistrate, when he appeared in court this week, charged with housebreaking and larceny.

Dexter Romeo, aka “Old Man”, 50, of Roach Trace, Mt. Pleasant, appeared before Magistrate Annette McKenzie, in the Scarborough Magistrates’ 1st Court, on Wednesday 14th February, 2018, to answer to the charge and the matter postponed to Wednesday 14th March, 2018.

T&T Express to resume operations

The T&T Express is expected to resume operations for its 2:00 pm sailing on Saturday, February 17th, 2018.

The Port Authority says the vessel has been surveyed and is awaiting the results from the DNV.

They say it expects all operations will be certified and the vessel will be returned by 12:00 noon on Saturday 17th February to allow the 2:00 pm sailing from POS. 

The Port Authority says a further update will be provided by 10:00 am on Saturday. 

Talks on anti-gang legislation stalled between government and opposition

There is still no agreement between the opposition and government on the time frame of the sunset clause of the anti-gang legislation.

The opposition and government met today to discuss the opposition's concerns about the bill.

The opposition maintains that the sunset clause is critical in preventing the abuse of power by law enforcement officials.

The opposition raised several issues including its call for Joint Select Committee of Parliament to facilitate wide consultation on the draft legislation, however, the government declined the proposal.

Over $2.5 million spent on medical bills for Maxie Cuffie

The Government has spent close to $2.5 million TT dollars already on the medical bills for Minister of Public Administration and Communications, Maxie Cuffie.

The figure was revealed in the House of Representatives today by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley in reply to questions by the Opposition.

Dr Rowley said Cuffie was first admitted to the St Clair Medical Centre where his medical expenses amounted to TT$980,263.

He said the doctors at St Clair advised that he would recover much faster if he was treated abroad.

Imbert: US$1.25 billion spent on credit card purchases last year

Finance Minister Colm Imbert has told the House of Representatives that the credit card purchases originating in Trinidad and Tobago, consumed US$1.2 billion in 2017.

A further US$1.8 billion dollars was injected by the Central Bank to buffer the TT dollar to the US dollar exchange rate.

The breakdown is as follows:

Credit Card Purchases in 2017:

January - US$108.5 million

February - US$70.5 million

March - US$94.1 million

April - US$68.3 million

May - US$100.5 million

June - US$90.4 million

July - US$101.6 million

PM: Yes, there is an ISIS cell/satellite in T&T

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has admitted that Trinidad and Tobago has what can be considered an ISIS cell or satellite.

"The answer to the question is yes," Dr Rowley told the Parliament in response to a question asked by Opposition MP Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie.

He told the House of Representatives that it is common knowledge across world that citizens in Trinidad and Tobago subscribe to doctrines of ISIS, some of whom have returned to this country and some of whom wish to join ISIS.

Tobago man appears in court charged with housebreaking & larceny

A Plymouth man has been remanded into custody after appearing before a Scarborough Magistrate this morning, charged with housebreaking and larceny at the Tobago Plantations home of a 61-year-old retired lawyer, which occurred on Thursday 8th February, 2018.

Ryan Forde, 32, of Jaegers Hall Trace, Plymouth, appeared before Magistrate Annette McKenzie, in the Scarborough 1st Magistrates’ Court on Friday 16th February, 2018, to answer to the charge.

The matter was postponed to Wednesday 14th March, 2018.

Education Ministry outlines how students are to be registered for primary schools

The Ministry of Education has issued guidelines on how parents can go about getting their children registered for primary schools.

The Ministry notes that only the forms provided by the Ministry can be used in this regard.

The following are the guidelines issued by the Ministry.

* ONLY the Ministry of Education-issued Standardised Application Form is to be used for application to ALL primary schools (Government and Denominational)

Explosives found in Beetham landfill are fireworks

A box marked "explosives" found in the Beetham landfill this morning have now been confirmed as fireworks.

Police locked down the landfill after scavengers at the dump found a metal box with the word "explosives" on it just after 9 this morning.

On checking, the men found what appeared to be explosives inside and immediately contacted the police.

Special Branch officers and Northern Division police later deemed the contents of the box, fireworks.


Police investigate report of explosive device found in Beetham

THERE IS AN UPDATE TO THIS REPORT: Explosives found in Beetham landfill are fireworks

Police are now in the Beetham landfill investigating reports that either one or several explosive devices have been found.

Police have evacuated the area and are currently working alongside officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force and the Special Branch Unit.

The discovery was made by a worker at the landfill who contacted the police.