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Cycling velodrome to push Sport tourism

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 07:53

The state of the art cycling velodrome nearing completion in Balmain, Couva, is expected to boost this country’s sports tourism drive.

This according to acting CEO of the SPORTT, Adrian Raymond. In an exclusive interview yesterday, Raymond said: “We know of the trust and value in pushing sport tourism and this wonderful facility will play a major part in this.”

The facility which sits next to the Aquatic Centre and the Ato Boldon Stadium has been outfitted with all the modern requirements for elite cycling and is expected to attract a number of foreign interests.

According to Raymond: “We are already seeing interests from a number of international cycling federations who want to use here. Remember we will be charging a fee, so when these guys come across, in addition to paying us a fee, they will be spending money on food, accommodation and travelling. People in and around Balmain, would also benefit because they can set up bed and breakfast facilities and also people can apply for use of the commercial areas in the building to set up shops as well.”

Anthony Blake, Executive manager of the facility, said that it is earmarked to finish in June and (UCI) International Cycling Union will come across in April to do the inspection. 

“Currently we are putting down the track and a German firm called Sherman is working on it. We have a team from SPORTT working alongside them, so that they would have knowledge of the track and would be able to maintain this expensive track, so we can get proper use of it.”

Raymond chimed in: “We are going to be very strict with the use of the playing surfaces at all our elite venues. I am fully behind Blake and his crew with this. This track is Siberian Pine and it is very expensive. It is up to world standards and we must get maximum use out of it. We are building this facility and we fully intend to make it self sufficient. We would like the public to understand that this is an elite venue and needs to be taken care of properly.”

The inner parts of the facility can be used for other sports such as basketball, futsal, badminton, hockey and volleyball.

Raymond also declared that once the UCI passes the track, they will fit it into their annual calender. “We have hired the best in terms of the German company Sherman and once they build your track, the UCI approves it. We are looking to have the UCI include the Balmain Grand Prix on their annual calender and this would be big for T&T.

​Remember, cyclists have to gain points to qualify for the Olympics and the UCI uses these grand prix for this fact. Imagine having the top cyclists here, what that would do for the sport. And remember when a cyclist comes here, he would not be coming alone, he has a team that would come with him, as well as journalists and officials, so we are expecting to have a major dent in sport tourism with this facility.”

Bergeron to continue Khan’s success

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 07:51

The Shaffique Khan trained Bergeron Rodeo which finished second in the 2014 Gold Cup behind Bigman In Town, can win his first race for the season today at Santa Rosa Park in Arima, at the main expense of the John O’Brien trained Thisoneisforron.

A field of six is expected to face the starter in the $60,000 purse event for three year olds and Over horses racing over 1,750 metres, on the main track.

Khan will be double handed in the event, as he also saddles the improving Magic Rust Seal. This horse has won his last two starts and must have a great chance of toppling the principals.

The Aga Khan Stables owned Bergeron Rodeo has been in tremendous form and will go close under Nobel Abrego.

O’Brien has Thisoneisforron engaged and this one will make a race of it under Emile Ramsammy despite top-weight of 57.0 kilos.

In the co-feature, event four on the card, a thrilling finish is expected between the Shivam Maharaj owned American Ranger and the O’Brien trained pair of Kidz Ro and Absolutely Chrome.

Post time for the first event today is noon.

arc day 4 card

R1: NOON - 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 55-40 OPTIONAL CLAIMING $24,000 - $22,000 - 1,100M (TURF) - $37,400
107    1    Panorama Gal    R Bartolo/R Ali    52    Can surprise
113    2    Rewardsinheaven    B Persad/R Hasranah    54    In good form
364    3    Amritsar    G Subratie/D Khelawan    54.5    Speedy
132    4    Sweet Genius    B Persad/J Boodramsing    57    Outside shot
737    5    Star Tiger    B Persad/J Reyes    55.5    In and out
118    6    Khartoum    J Mosca/N Abrego    56.5    Will go close
634    7    D’Sportsman    T Thomas/R Angnoo    57    Chance
165    8    Princess Warrior    D Mosca/D Gopie    53    Outside shot
435    9    Just Honest    T Thomas/S Rodrigo    56    Place chance 

R2: 12.38 PM - WI BRED 4 YO & OVER MAIDENS - 1,600M (TURF) - $32,000
756    1    Sparkling Silver    Dr A Griffith/D Gopie    40    Must improve
-28    2    Magnolia Lane    A Nunes/C Malcolm    57    Respected
062    3    Danceinthepark    H Singh/R Hasranah    42    Good run last
743    4    Roxanne    W Debysingh/P Badrie    49    Chance
847    5    Pure Happiness    L Alexis/R Ali    42    Outside shot
032    6    Caspian Sea    T Thomas/A Martin    50    Can surprise
084    7    Poppy Love    L Alexis/B Boodramsing    55    Big shout

R3: 1.18 PM - IMPORTED 3 YO & OVER MAIDENS WI BRED 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 75-50 - 1,400M (TURF) - $50,000
226    1    Uncle Norman    G Mendez/N Samaroo    54.5    Good sort
270    2    Ring The Bell    C Roberts/D Gopie    52    In tough
787    3    Potiphar’s Wife    S Khan/P Badrie    51    Shown little
-35    4    Midnightdevil    H Gobin/R Hasranah    57    Outside chance
259    5    Our Kashmir    J Leotaud/R Thomas    51.5    Respected
050    6    Sea Of Gdansk    D Mosca/R Jadoo    45.5    Shown speed
939    7    Seeker Of Truth    H Gobin/D Butcher    50.5    No form
508    8    Bandwagon    A Gonzalez/D Khelawan    56    Outside shot
154    9    High Octane    J O’Brien/B Boodramsing    51.5    One to beat
--8    10    Blue Mountain Rose    A Nunes/C Malcolm    54    Good sort
247    11    Atlantica    T Thomas/S Rodrigo    50.5    Scratched
212    12    The Tactician    A Nunes/A Martin    54    In great form
-38    13    Cat’s Heir    G Mendez/W Galviz    57    Shown speed
860    14    Painted Buddha    I Hay/R Hasranah    50.5    Lost way
--8    15    Thays    K De Silva Jr/K Khelawan    57    On upgrade
522    16    Against The Odds    D Bennett/J Stephen    51.5    Scratched

R4: 1.56 PM - 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 80-50 - 1,500M (TURF) - $48,500 
926    1    Diplomatic Cat    J O’Brien/B Boodramsing    53.5    The speed
515    2    Absolutely Chrome    J O’Brien/P Badrie    54.5    Must go close
033    3    Undulation    T Thomas/J Boodramsing    47    Returning to form
395    4    Kidz Ro    J O’Brien/N Abrego    57    Will go close
280    5    Away Johannesburg    Dr R Shim/R Angnoo    54.5    In tough
112    6    American Ranger    H Gobin/K Khelawan    57    One to beat
151    7    Kodo    G Mendez/W Galviz    54    Chance

R5: 2.36 PM - 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 40-0 OPTIONAL CLAIMING $15,000 - $13,000 - 1,400M (TURF) - $33,000
999    1    Who Is The Problem    H Singh/R Hasranah    53    No form
285    2    Super Easy    B Persad/J Stephen    54.5    Good run last
986    3    Cavalleria    B Persad/R Jadoo    55.5    Improving
710    4    Layla    W Debysingh/J Arneaud    57    In and out
221    5    The Cheerleader    M Carew Jnr/N Patrick    53    Repeat
750    6    Freedomfighter    G Mendez/D Gopie    57    Can take this
674    7    Lookin At Lovely    L Alexis/W Galviz    54.5    Scratched
178    8    Ice’D’Gold    H Gobin/K Khelawan    57    In tough
900    9    Messi    R Ramroop/R Thomas    57    No form
951    10    Unguarded Moment    L Alexis/B Boodramsing    54.5    Repeat
349    11    Justmyluck    T Thomas/S Rodrigo    54.5    Needs shorter
657    12    Imagine    W Debysingh/P Badrie    55.5    Outsider
223    13    Gold Coin    T Thomas/A Martin    54.5    Will go close

R6: 3.14 PM - 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 45-0 OPTIONAL CLAIMING $18,000 - $16,000 - 1,150M - $33,000
482    1    Consideritdone    H Gobin/R Angnoo    55.5    Needs further
277    2    Fleet Admiral    H Gobin/R Hasranah    55.    In and out
246    3    Lady Sage    A Gonzalez/N Abrego    56.5    Can take this
333    4    Uncle Max    S Khan/J Boodramsing    57    Respected
656    5    She’s Royal    D Ojar/E Ramsammy    55    In tough
140    6    A Great Millennium    M Carew Jnr/S Samuel    56    One to catch
886    7    Amber Sky    D Mosca/S Rodrigo    56    Outsider

R7: 3.54 PM - 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 30-0 OPTIONAL CLAIMING $12,000 - $10,000 - 1,300M (TURF) - $31,000
996    1    Mary’s Girl Chile    R Ramroop/J Stephen    56.5    Coming to hand
200    2    Skyzim    J Lyder/N Flavenney    51    Well weighted
068    3    Natural Justice    J Mosca/R Hasranah    52    No form
803    4    Traditional Song    H Gobin/R Jadoo    51    Place chance
305    5    Upset D Dance    B Persad/J Boodramsing    56    Running on
460    6    Best Defence    R Ramroop/D Gopie    56    In right grade
700    7    First Emperor    A Gonzalez/E Ramsammy    56    Can take this
867    8    Bears And Bull    L Alexis/J Arneaud    57    Big shout
281    9    All Is Yours    H Gobin/K Khelawan    56    Repeat
650    10    Dig Deep    A Gonzalez/D Khelawan    53    Shown speed
853    11    Brash N Willing    T Thomas/R Angnoo    55    Can surprise
237    12    Resurgence    H Gobin/N Patrick    57    Nothing yet
608    13    Ready And Alert    C Roberts/D Blackman    57    Outsider

R8: 4.32 PM - 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 100-70 - 1,500M - $60,000 
590    1    Quick City    J Mosca/K Balgobin    44.5    Speedy
223    2    Thisonesforron    J O’Brien/E Ramsammy    57    Will go close
511    3    Magic Rust Seal    S Khan/P Badrie    52    Big shout
877    4    Golden Dixieland    T Thomas/S Rodrigo    52    Returning
622    5    Bergeron Rodeo    S Khan/N Abrego    56.5    One to beat
460    6    Gabby’s Gold    H Gobin/K Khelawan    55.5    No form

R9: 5.10 PM - 3 YO & OVER HORSES RATED 60-45 OPTIONAL CLAIMING $30,000 - $27,000 - 1,400M - $41,000
322    1    Raise Your Glass    S Khan/P Badrie    56    In great heart
485    2    Cramers Rule    A Gonzalez/D Khelawan    57    Coming back
973    3    Pistons And Rings    C Roberts/R Jadoo    56    Running on
132    4    Wing Commander    D Ojar/E Ramsammy    57    Can take this
-14    5    Blue Oracle    A Nunes/A Martin    56.5    Chance
956    6    Farad    B Persad/J Boodramsing    54.5    Speedy
129    7    Red Howler    C Roberts/D Gopie    56.5    Finishing well
046    8    Director Dream    J Lyder/D Blackman    55.5    Good sort
678    9    It Is Alleged    G Villiers/R Angnoo    55.5    One-pacer
217    10    Mike’s Sugar    H Gobin/S Rodrigo    55.5    Can surprise
741    11    Ten Powers    R Ramroop/K Khelawan    56    Repeat
--D    12    Glorify    G Subratie/K Almarales    54.5    In tough

Mc Carthy too much for TSTT

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 07:44

Goal-shooter Jameela Mc Carthy was a one-woman wrecking show as she converted 39 of 45 attempts to lead the University of T&T to a 55-21 dismantling of TSTT in the Alternative Division of the Courts All Sectors Netball League on Thursday.

Goal attackers, Shaquanda Green with 12 from 19 and Shanon Duncan, four of six chipped in with the other goals for the winners who led 12-7, 24-12 and 33-18 at the end of the first three quarters at the Eastern Regional Indoor Sports Arena, Tacarigua. 

On the other end of the court, goal-attacker Chantael Perry got 11 from 17 and Sophia Harper, ten from 20 for TSTT in the loss.

Earlier on, in a much closer contest, Prisons held off Police 32-25. Key to Prisons’ victory, was goal shooter LaVaughn O’Neil, who converted 28 of 59 attempts and to a lesser extent, Ayanna O’Neil Aaron with four from 11.

Police which trailed at the end of all three periods, 4-7, 11-14 and 19-20 got 13 and 12 goals from Cheryse Aguilleria and Tahirah Hollingsworth.

results & schedule

Alternative Division: 
Prisons 32 (La Vaughn O’Neil 28/59, Ayanna O’Neil Aaron 4/11) vs Police 25 (Cheryse Aguilleria 13/30, Tahirah Hollingsworth 12/24)

UTT 55 (Jameela Mc Carthy 39/45, Shaquanda Green 12/19, Shanon Duncan 4/6) vs TSTT 21 (Chantael Perry 11/17, Sophia Harper 10/20)

Upcoming matches
Alternative: Fideas vs UTT, 2.15 pm
Championship: Police Y vs Bermudez, 3.30 pm
Premier: THA vs Police, 4.45; Fire Service vs UTT, 6 pm
Retro: Les Enfants vs TSTT, 5.30pm; Harlem vs Bermudez, 6.20 pm 
Championship: Police X  vs Fire Service, 7.15 pm
Alternative: USC vs Police, 5.30pm; Prisons vs TSTT, 6.45 pm​


Pro managers needed in cricket

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 07:43

Everyone would agree that our cricket is currently in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and needs proper care to come back unto a path of growth.

We have tried the same things over and over since the early nineties and our cricket continues to slide. We have tried new presidents, new managers, new coaches, new players and yet we cannot arrest the slide. 

What I think we need is for professionals to come forward. We have to realise that sport is big business and not a boys club or you pat my back, I will pat yours, or I will vote for you.

I am sick with politics mashing up our cricket, totally sick. I have been around the sport long enough to see men, who are total misfits, given positions of authority and the sport pays. I have seen men elevated to a position where they fail only because they were on the right “political” side and the result—cricket suffers.

I am totally amazed by some of the officials who run cricket. They hold on to power regardless of whether those they control are disintegrating. 

I am fed up of seeing dinosaurs try to create policy in a time when cricket needs professionals to deal with the business that is sport. When will we learn? Why do we think we have all the answers? Why are we bent on being selfish?

I look at some of the men who put themselves up for office and I wonder sometimes. The powers that be need to realise that if we are to move cricket foward we need professionals. You cannot operate in a manner in which you would have operated many years ago. 

I see the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB) right here make many errors in personnel, only because it was the “politically” right decision. I know the president Azim Bassarath of the TTCB personally, we have been friends for two decades now and I can say one thing, he is a very good administrator. 

No doubt about it, the man has many attributes of a good leader but I am getting the feeling that some of the decisions that come out do not pass through his office. 

Bassarath needs to take the TTCB and run with it. He needs to call the shots, he is the boss and he needs to be strong. Adminstration is his calling but he has to be very careful of the people that sit with him. While he may come with no agendas, others might not be of the same thinking. 

They come into administration to gain things personally and to assist their friends and cricket is suffering today because of it. 

I would like to take a look at the position of manager. This is a critical role and many of the problems we see between players and board are due to poor communications from poor managers. 

An effective manager can’t motivate others if they can’t self-motivate. Self-motivation—the ability to get yourself going and take charge of what’s next for you—is a vital personal characteristic for a manager. You have to keep yourself going and motivate those under your charge.

As a person, you should be dependable and reliable. Your superiors, as well as your subordinates, need to know that you can be counted on. Others in the organisation should be able to rely on you.

As the manager, you can’t afford to break down when the pressure is on. The ability to remain calm and do what needs to be done is essential in a good manager. A certain amount of flexibility is needed by a manager, since he or she may need to adapt to changing situations.

Some level of business acumen is important when you are a manager. While you may not need to be on the level of a professional dealmaker, familiarity with basic business principles and practices can be helpful.

An effective manager knows that some tasks need to be delegated. You should be able to identify workers who will do well and give them tasks they can succeed at—while helping the project.

You need to be organised in order to be a good manager. Keep track of projects, employees and assignments so that you are on top of what needs to happen in the business.

A good manager needs to be able to communicate effectively. Make sure that you develop the ability to communicate as part of your efforts. 

As a good manager, you should know how to speak publicly, annunciating your words and concisely communicating your ideas, whether in an interview, or addressing workers.

You will need to know how to manage relationships between yourself and your subordinates, as well as manage the relationships among those who work under you. You should also know how to develop relationships with your superiors, and coordinate relationships between those above you and below you in the hierarchy.

Vieira gives hockeymen warm-up win

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 07:41

Jordan Vieira scored the decisive item as T&T senior men’s hockey team continued preparations for next month’s FIH World Hockey League Round Two qualifiers with a 2-1 defeat of a President’s XI at the National Hockey Centre, Tacarigua on Thursday night.

With England-based T&T men’s hockey standout, Kwandwane Browne in the Glen “Fido” Francis-coached T&T men’s line-up the national team was keen to cap off a one-week camp conducted by Francis and Browne, an English High Performance Hockey coach and English national teams assistant coach with a win.

The national training squad took a 1-0 lead through last year’s T&T Hockey Board “Player of the Year” Akim Toussaint in the 17th minute which it took into the half.

However, on the resumption, out-of-favour national forward Shane Legerton got the President’s XI level in the 52nd, but four minutes later, Vieira got the winner for Francis’ men as they look ahead to the World League qualifiers set for Chula Vista, San Diego, California, USA from February 28 to March 8.

Following the match, Browne was swamped by a number of young hockey players who campaigned in the T&T Secondary Schools Outdoor League and signed a few autographs for the players who stayed back to have a glimpse at him in action. 

In California, the T&T hockeymen, silver medal winners at last November’s Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games in Mexico, will compete against USA, Russia and Canada in one pool while Austria, Chile, Ireland and Italy are in the other round-robin group.

At the end of the round-robin, the teams will meet in cross-over quarterfinal matches followed by semifinals, third place and final playoffs. 

For the qualifiers in the USA, Browne will be making a return to the T&T squad after missing out on the FIH round one qualifiers in Jamaica where T&T emerged victorious and also the CAC Games, where it won silver.

Club Sando joins T&T Pro League

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 07:40

Newly-crowned 2014-2015 T&T Football Association National Super League champion, Club Sando, has been accepted as the newest Digicel T&T Pro League club and will compete from the 2015-2016 season, which is set to begin in September.

However, the Club Sando’s youth teams at Under-13, U-15 and U-17 levels will have the first taste of professional competition when they participate in the Youth Pro League, which will run from March to July of this year. 

This was disclosed by Pro League Chief Executive Officer Dexter Skeene as he unveiled the San Fernando-based club, represented by owner Edison “Eddie” Dean and technical director Muhammad Isa, during a press conference at the Pro League’s office, corner Scott Street and Eastern Main Road, St Augustine, yesterday.

Skeene said that the Pro League’s board of directors had reviewed the application of Club Sando, which has been campaigning in the Super League for a number of years and had been successful, and saw it fit to accept the club into the top tier of local football.

Buoyed by an ambitious owner/CEO Dean, a board of directors that includes Steve Goopeesingh, Marlon Zoe, Derek Lange and Muhammad Isa, and dedicated players and fans, Club Sando’s arrival at the Pro League is now a reality.

Isa, who said it is a very proud moment, explained that while Club Sando are very thankful for acceptance into the Pro League, it was something the club had worked very hard to achieve.

“Our organisation has worked very hard to achieve this,” Isa said. 

“Three years ago Dean called a meeting with two of the key stakeholders, which were Derek Lange and myself. Our club was approaching 25 years (of existence in 2015), and we decided that at 25 years we want to play at the highest level in the country, which is the Pro League.”

Club Sando enjoyed their best years at the Super League in the last two seasons since the arrival of former St Ann’s Rangers coach, Anthony Streete. In 2013-2015 Club Sando finished runners-up in the both the league (by one point less) and knockout competitions behind Guaya United—another Super League outfit ambitious of entering the Pro League.

One season later, in the just concluded 2014-2015 season, Club Sando wins the Super League title in the year of celebrating their 25th anniversary, and to top it off, are preparing for the highest tier of football locally.

“We will continue to play the high brand of football that we played in the Super League and I will assure you that we will be competitive in the Pro League,” Isa assured. 

“Our coach (Anthony Streete) cares about the style of football that we play.”

In 2013 Club Sando, which boasts a number of former Pro League players, etched themselves into history, becoming the first second tier team of the T&T to reach the Toyota Classic Final but went under 2-0 against W Connection in the title match.

During his address, Skeene noted that paramount in the mind of the league is that clubs are able to honour players’ contracts and he knows that Club Sando will bring value and credibility to the Pro League which has been resilient and has an indomitable desire to make professional football sustainable and viable in the long term.

Merry Boys, Preysal clash in new look national league

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 07:30

Defending Shanghai Construction Group National League Premiership champions Merry Boys will open its title defence today against Preysal at the former’s home ground in Diego Martin.

Merry Boys is hoping the new league format will bring the team further success. Three-day matches will be played this season, unlike the two-day format in previous years. The organisers are hoping that the longer format will encourage batsmen to spend more time at the crease. In the two-day format, batsmen will often look for quick runs in an effort to force outright victories and this led to poor shots.

The matches will bowl off today at 10 am, continue on February 7 and conclude on February 8. Tomorrow the 50-over competition will begin.

Merry Boys ended the 2014 campaign with 237 points, 17 more than runners up Queen’s Park Cricket Club (QPCC). Merry Boys also celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and the league title was icing on the cake. Rounding off the top three last year was southern-based team Powergen. In arguably the most enticing match of the round, QPCC will battle Clarke Road, which finished fourth last year.

In other matches Alescon Comets will welcome Victoria at its Charlieville ground, Caldrac will visit Esmeralda and Powergen will travel to Jenexcon Tableland.

Today’s matches

Jenexcon Tableland vs Powergen at Tableland.
Esmeralda vs Caldrac at Esmeralda.
Alescon Comets vs Victoria at Charlieville.
Queen's Park vs Clarke Road at Queen's Park Oval.
Merry Boys vs Preysal at Diego Martin.​

Bravo, Pollard, Cooper, Ravi, Narine out

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 07:29

T&T’s cricket team has been dealt a severe blow heading into its Professional Cricket League (PCL) Four-day clash against the Windward Islands in St Lucia next week.

Chairman of the T&T selection panel, Alec Burns told the T&T Guardian that the five senior players are out for varying reasons. 

Kieron Pollard indicated to the selectors that he needs time to work on his injury with his physiotherapist and will play some club cricket before coming back into the First Class set up. 

Burns added that both Sunil Narine and Kevon Cooper indicated that they were not ready for the four-day tournament just yet and would like to work on their respective bowling actions. As a result, they will also to play club cricket for Queen’s Park before making themselves available. 

Burns could not give a timeline as to when the players will be available saying: “They have indicated that they are unavailable until further notice.” 

Pacer Ravi Rampaul is also out, as he is recovering from a side strain. 

As far as Dwayne Bravo is concerned, Burns said, “Bravo has indicated to us that he is not available to play in the First Class format and hence we did not consider him.”

Meanwhile, just days after T&T lifting the Nagico Super-50 regional cricket championship title, team manager Manohar Ramsaran resigned and will be replaced by former national allrounder Roland Sampath.

Ramsaran informed the T&T Cricket Board (T&TCB) of his decision to step down in an e-mail earlier this week and it was accepted by the organisation’s executive which also approved the naming of Sampath.

The announcement was made yesterday by Dudnath Ramkessoon, Cricket Operations manager of the T&TCB. Despite an indifferent start to the 2014-2015 regional season late last year in the four-day league format, which will soon resume, Ramsaran left the position on a high as the home team played unbeaten in the recent Nagico Super50 limited overs competition, hosted for the second straight year in T&T.

President of the T&T CB Azim bassarath extended on his executive’s behalf his sincerest appreciation for the service rendered by Ramsaran, an active cricketer at Monroe Road Sports Club of which he is the president.

“As a former Minister of sports and MP and present club cricketer, Manohar brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the job of manager of the national cricket team. It is a very challenging position and he brought to bear all the qualities that helped the T&T team to its recent success in the regional tournament,” said Bassarath.

He said Ramsaran remains on the executive of the T&TCB and his support and guidance will still be counted on as the national organisation moves forward with its plans and programmes. Bassarath also wished Ramsaran all success in his future endeavours. 

Bassarath also expressed his optimism that Sampath will continue the good foundation laid by Ramsaran saying he comes at a crucial time as T&T seek to claim dominance on the four-day league competition, a title which has eluded the national cricketers for several years.

“T&T have just won the Super50 crown and will be challenging strongly for the four-day title and we are expecting Sampath, who is a former successful national and Police Sports Club cricketer to bring to bear the seriousness of what needs to be done to achieve the team’s goals,” said Bassarath.

TT team to face Windwards:

Evin Lewis, Jeremy Solozano, Jason Mohammed, Yannic Cariah, Khesan Ottley, Kjorn Ottley, Imran Khan, Akeal Hosein, Rayad Emrit, Steven Katwaroo, Shannon Gabriel, Marlon Richards, Deron Davis, Roland Sampath-Manager, Augustine Logie-Coach, Kelvin Williams-Assistant coach, Oba Gulston-Physiotherapist. 

Baptiste earns Providence draw with SEPoS

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 03:40

Shuntelle Baptiste scored with six minutes left as Providence Girls High School rallied for a 1-1 draw with South East Port-of-Spain in their T&T Hockey Board Secondary Schools’ Outdoor Hockey League Girls Premier Division match at the St James Police Barracks Ground, Western Main Road, St James, yesterday.

Nkesi Antoine gave SEPoS a 12th minute lead only for Baptiste to salvage a draw for her team to leave both behind St Joseph Convent (PoS) on the standings.

On Tuesday, Lisa Benjamin got a pair of goals as St Joseph Convent (PoS) crushed defending champions Holy Name Convent (PoS) in their Premier Division opener at St James.

Alexandria Yearwood fired in the go-ahead item for St Joseph’s Conevnt (PoS) in the 14th and Benjamin made it 2-0 a minute later to go in at the half.

A minute after the restart of the 40-minute contest, Benjamin got her second to extend the advantage to 3-0 while Tamia Roach (36th), Kayla Escayg (38th) and Catelyn Greene (39th) all scored inside three minutes of each to complete the 6-0 drubbing on the reigning champions.

In the newly formed Girls’ Championship Division, East Zone with St Joseph’s Convent (St Joseph) and St Joseph’s College battling to a 2-2 draw while Bishops East blanked St Augustine Girls’ High School (SAGHS) 3-0 led by a Chelsea Dey double.


T&THB Secondary Schools Outdoor results:

Yesterday (Thursday)

Girls Premier Division:

Providence 1 (Shuntelle Baptiste 34th) vs South East PoS 1 (Nkesi Antoine 12th)


Girls’ Championship Division:


Corpus Christi 6 (Naomi Sampson 4th, Shemah Small 14th, Anella Mcmillan 23rd 25th, Zayriah Westfield 19th, Zalika Simon 37th) vs Bishops Anstey ‘A’ 0

Boys’ Championship Division:


Woodbrook 3 vs Mucurapo East 0 (Woodbrook won by default)

Diego Central 10 (Joel Daniel 10th,14th Justin Ottley 18th, 31st, 40th, Jelani Corridon 20th, 26th Kye Williams 36th, Tariq Singh 38th, Isaiah Moore 39th) vs Tranquillity Gov’t Sec 0


Girls’ Premier Division:

St Joseph’s Convent POS 6 (Alexandria Yearwood 14th, Lisa Benjamin 15th, 21st, Tamia Roach 36th, Kayla Escayg 38th, Catelyn Greene 39th) vs St Joseph Convent (PoS) 0

Championship Division:

East Zone:

St Joseph’s Convent (St Joseph) 2 (Sade Mohammed, Hannah Bassaw) vs St Joseph’s College (Jewel Luke, Clariss Gibson)

Bishops East 3 (Chelsea Dey 2, Careen Prentiss) vs SAGHS 0

Boys Championship Division:


Tunapuna Secondary 0 vs El Dorado East 0

St, Joseph’s College 3 (Michael Durity 2, Kyle La Morell) vs St Augustine Secondary 1 (Jamal Martinez)

South Zone:

Naparima College vs Pleasantville (postponed)​

Guerra restores Central six-points cushion

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 03:36

Ataulla Guerra converted from the penalty spot to earn leaders Central FC a 1-0 win over Caledonia AIA in their Digicel T&T pro League round-two match day three clash at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on Wednesday night.

The win restored Central's six-point lead at the top, 26 from 11 matches, ahead of defending champions DirecTV W Connection (20 pts from ten matches) after the latter had 24 hours earlier cut the lead to three with a similar 1-0 win over Japs North East Stars at the Marvin Lee Stadium, Macoya.

Guerra, banged his from the spot in the 27th minute, struck the ball to the left of goalkeeper Shemel Louison, and although the Grenada international got glove to the ball, it wasn't enough to stop the ball from entering the net and giving the “Sharks” a 1-0 cushion.

This after referee Keilon Bacchus had awarded Central the penalty for a fould by Jameel Neptune on Central’s Jason Marcano

The win for Zoran Vranes-coached Central was its fourth straight to strectch an unbeaten run to seven matches while Guerra bagged his seventh league goal of the season to join the Pro League’s all-time top scorer Kerry Baptiste (129 goals) at the top of the charts.

Guyana international Pernell Schultz had chances as early as the sixth, 32nd and 38th minute to get Caledonia on the boarde, however each time he was thwarted by Central and T&T international goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams.

Guerra and Central defensive signing, Jamaica international Upston Edwards, also had other chances to add to their team’s tally, but both failed to find the target against a Caledonia squad under the guidance of assistant coach Jerry Moe in absence of technical director/coach Jamaal Shabazz, who on duty with the Guyana national team.

In the end, it was a deserved hard fought win for Central FC which will return to league action on Sunday against Police at Couva from 6pm.

However, Caledonia, which stayed second from bottom with the loss on 11 points, will have little time to gather its thoughts as it returns to action tonight, also at Couva against third placed Defence Force (17 pts) from 8pm.

Two hours earlier at the same venue, Stars, also with 17 points comes up against Play Whe San Juan Jabloteh, which is a point behind. 

Tomorrow (Saturday), W Connection entertains cellar placed St Ann’s Rangers from 3:30 pm at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium, Marabella.




Wednesday’s Digicel T&T Pro League:
Central FC 1 (Ataulla Guerra 27th pen) vs Caledonia AIA 0

Current Digicel T&T Pro League standings:
Teams    P    W    D    L    F    A    Pts
Central FC    11    8    2    1    29    8    26
W Connection    10    6    2    2    21    6    20
Defence Force    10    5    2    3    16    14    17
North East Stars    11    5    2    4    9    7    17
Jabloteh    11    4    4    3    16    16    16
Police    11    3    5    3    15    21    14
Pt Fortin Civic    11    3    2    6    19    20    11
Caledonia    10    3    2    5    15    20    11
Rangers    11    0    1    10    8    35    1

Upcoming matches:
Venue: Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva
North East Stars vs San Juan Jabloteh, 6 pm
Caledonia AIA vs Defence Force, 8 pm

St Ann’s Rangers vs W Connection, Mannie Ramjohn Stadium

Police vs Central FC, Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva, 6 pm

Champ SEPoS, Technocrats men stay alive

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 03:34

Big South East Port-of-Spain, defending champion of the T&T Volleyball Federation Men’s Premier Division and Technocrats starved off elimination from this year’s semifinals after securing five-sets win in their second-leg semifinal matches on Wednesday night.

Following Monday’s first-leg semifinal at the Jean Pierre Complex, Mucurapo, in which Glamorgan, led by national senior team duo, Saleem Ali and Ryan Stewart, stopped SEPoS 24-26, 25-13, 14-25, 25-18, the reigning champions needed nothing less than a win to extend the series to a third and deciding match.

And at the Maloney Indoor Sports Arena, Maloney, Tash and company delivered with an entertaining 23-25, 25-21, 25-21, 21-25, 17-15 win to set up a winner-take-all match tonight at the Eastern Regional Indoor Sports Arena, Tacarigua from 7.30 pm.

Toco Youths led by national beach volleyballers, Fabien Whitfield, Daneil Williams and Collin Bernard stunned Simon Blake and his Technocrats 26-24, 25-23, 20-25, 25-18 to go 1-0 up in their respective best-of-three semifinals on Monday as well, but Blake and his team-mates fired back in their second-leg duel to secure a 25-22, 25-20, 21-25, 16-25, 15-11 victory for a third and deciding match tomorrow at the Central Regional Indoor Sports Arena, Chaguanas from 8 pm.

Last night at Chaguanas, the Women’s Premier Division second-leg matches were scheduled to take place with Glamorgan and Technocrats, the top two clubs in round-robin league play holding advantages after Tuesday’s first-leg wins at the same venue.

Glamorgan whipped former champions and the rebuilding University of T&T, 24-26, 25-15, 25-18, 25-21, and Technocrats muscled past Southern United Volleyball Academy 24-26, 25-15, 25-18, 20-25, 15-11. 

Should any of the women ties go into a third and deciding fixture it will take place at Chaguanas on Saturday ahead of Sunday’s final’s day of competition.

Hunte gives UTT three points lead

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 03:31

Kamal Hunte won both his matches to give the University of T&T a 3-1 won over Himalaya Tough Guys in a key Championship Division match of the National Table Tennis League on Wednesday night.

Following its shock 0-3 loss to D’Abadie Youths I a night earlier, UTT was desperate to get back on winning track and Hunte got the perfect start, an 11-7, 11-2, 7-11, 11-1 whipping of Imtaiz Mohammed while Lawrence Ince defeated Riad Abasali 11-3, 13-11, 9-11, 11-8 to make it 2-0.

Vinoo Maraj then starved off defeat for Tough Guys with an 11-9, 11-4, 11-4 beating of Lamani Clarke, but Hunte returned to beat Abasali 6-11, 11-9, 11-7, 11-9 for the team victory, its 19th from 24 matches for 43 points, and two matches left.

Three points behind are PowerGen and Guaya Dream Team which have played 22 and 24 matches respectively while D’Abadie Youths I is fourth with 36 points from 20 matches followed by Arima Hawks with 35 and six matches remaining also.

Guaya kepts it title hopes alive by whipping UWI 3-1 thanks to a couple of wins from Franklyn Seechan, 11-4, 11-8, 11-4 over Ambika Sitram, and 9-11, 11-3, 11-5, 11-4 against Kourdell Powell.

Michael Mc Comie had the other win for Guaya, 7-11, 11-5, 11-6, 12-10 over Sanchez Mangaroo after Powell had tied up the match at 1-1 by beating Neville Cobie, 11-8, 3-11, 11-6, 11-9.

However, he title is in the hands of Powergen or the D’Abadie I as whoever should win their remaining matches will take the crown

In the night’s other match, the best of the lot, D’Abadie Youths II edged Carenage Blasters 3-2 with Edwin Humphreys’ two wins, and Daveon Humphrey’s victory on the night, being decisive.

Edwin overcame Nigel Morgan 11-8, 11-7, 11-6 for a 1-0 lead and Joshua Maxwell 9-11, 11-8, 3-11, 11-8, 11-9 to get his team back level at 2-2 before Daveon stopped Morgan 7-11, 11-8, 11-8, 11-8 in the fifth and deciding match.

Maxwell rallied past Daveon 5-11, 11-6, 11-4, 11-9 and Dennis La Rose downed Matthew Mootra by the same identical scoreline, 5-11, 11-6, 11-4, 11-9. 



TTTA National League Championship Division:
Teams    P    W    L    DefaultLoss    SetsWon    SetsLoss    Pts
UTT    24    19    5    0    63    31    43
PowerGen    22    18    4    0    59    20    40
Guaya DT    24    16    8    0    58    37    40
D’Abadie I    20    16    4    0    52    23    36
Arima Hawks    20    15    5    0    42    26    35
Montrose    21    13    8    0    44    38    34
Himalaya TG    19    13    6    0    45    24    32
D’Abadie II    21    10    11    0    40    42    31
Solo Crusaders    21    7    14    0    31    46    28
Central Warriors    22    4    18    0    13    55    26
Carenage Blasters    20    7    12    1    37    37    23
UWI    19    6    11    2    26    43    23
Oxford    26    8    18    16    16    21
Chase Village    13    0    7    19    2    63    7

NB: Default loss = zero points of losing team​

Baptiste case resolved says NAAAs

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 03:28

The National Association of Athletics Administrations (NAAA) has confirmed that the Kelly-Ann Baptiste case has been resolved before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (“CAS”), based in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Further to the confidentiality provisions applicable to the proceedings, the award of the CAS will not be made public. However, the NAAA confirmed that Baptiste is free to return to competition with immediate effect.

The NAAA reiterated its commitment to the promotion of drug-free sport and stated that in view of the new World Anti-Doping Code which came into effect on January 1, it was looking forward to partnerships with other stakeholders in fostering an environment of clean and fair sport in T&T.

Baptiste tested positive for a banned substance at the IAAF World Championships, in Moscow, Russia in 2013. 

She withdrew from the competition.

Last August, after 16 months off the track, it seemed Baptiste would finally be allowed to compete again after the NAAA disciplinary panel lifted her ban.

However, a week later, the NAAA was notified that the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) had appealed the decision of the disciplinary panel to the CAS in Lausanne, Switzerland, and in so doing, reinstated Baptiste’s ban.

Miller to replace Narine for World Cup

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 03:25

ST JOHN’S–Seasoned left-arm spinner Nikita Miller has been named to replace Sunil Narine in the West Indies World Cup squad.

The 32-year-old Jamaican has not played for West Indies in nearly a year but has the experience of 45 One-Day Internationals, where he has taken 40 wickets.

In the recent Super50 tournament, Miller took just six wickets at an average of 15, as Jamaica went out in the semi-finals.

Narine was named in the World Cup squad earlier this month but pulled out on Tuesday, citing the need to continue work on his bowling.

The champion off-spinner has been doing remedial work on his bowling ever since being reported for having a suspected illegal action during the Champions League Twenty20 in September last year.

West Indies are currently en route from South Africa to the World Cup, which is set to bowl off in Australia and New Zealand next month.

They have been installed in Group B which includes Ireland, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, South Africa, India and United Arab Emirates.

The World Cup runs from February 14th to March 29th.

Meanwhile, the West Indies have been slapped with a fine by the International Cricket Council, for their slow over rate during Wednesday’s loss to South Africa in the fifth and final One-Day International.

Match referee Chris Broad found that the Caribbean side were two overs short of their target at the cut off time for the innings at SuperSport Park.

While the players were slapped with a 20 per cent fine of their match fee, new captain Jason Holder will have to part with 40 per cent.

According to ICC regulations, players are fined 10 per cent of their match fee for every over their side fails to bowl in the allotted time. The captain is fined double.

West Indies went down by 131 runs in the game which was reduced to 42 overs per side because of rain which delayed the start.

South Africa won the series 4-1. 

‘Trini’ stages Soccer 7 Cup in Miami

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 07:13

The curtains came down on two weekends of pulsating action in the inaugural Champion Porsche Soccer 7 Cup hosted by the Miami Soccer 7 Academy at Soccer Town in Pembroke Pines last Sunday night. The eight-team team tournament was put on by the Soccer 7 Academy founded by Trinidadian Sham Mohammed. 

After a series of intense and exciting matches among eight teams, Deja Vu Mega Perros prevailed to defeat Hollywood United 3-1 in the final to walk away with the US $4,000 first prize cheque and the Porsche Cup. Hollywood United received US$1,000 for their runner-up placing. 

Mohammed intends to launch a Football 7s Academy in Trinidad in the coming weeks and has already installed T&T all-time topscorer Stern John as the head coach of the Academy which will focus on developing youngsters both girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 16. There are also plans to stage a similar tournament with handsome cash prizes at stake. Currently, in Miami, some 20 children attend training sessions three times per week and are coached by Brazilian Alexandre Soares who coached the Brazil national beach soccer team to four World Cup titles. Soares also coached the T&T beach soccer team during the last Concacaf beach soccer world qualifiers. 

Soares was delighted with the staging of the tournament, saying it was sign of great things to come for Soccer 7s in the United States and T&T. 

“This was a remarkable two weekends of Soccer 7 action in Miami. What we were able to make happen was to show that this game has a lot of potential and is very much liked and supported here in Miami,” Soares said. 

“The players were very enthusiastic and there was a lot of strong competition, skillful play and excitement during the matches. I think this is a great step for the Soccer 7 Academy and we want to encourage more participants for our next tournament and course we want to see more kids taking part which they can do by joining our Academy at Soccer Town and when it is launched in Trinidad.” 

Players appearing in the tournament last weekend came from different countries including Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, United States, Haiti and Jamaica, some being ex-professional players in South America and the USL and North American Soccer League. Concacaf beach soccer development manager Betto Lima and player Benny Astorga also played in the tournament.

Football 7s is extremely popular in Europe, Central and South America and has seen some of the world’s top players over time taking part at various stages in their careers. “Foot 7s” as it is popularly referred is different to the regular 7-a-side games, played on fields with the dimensions of 55 metres by 35 metres with unlimited substitution and heavy emphasis on skill development and non-stop action. It allows both the young and old of either gender to engage in active participation in a team sport but also in a more casual and fun environment.

T&T Beach Soccer team confident ahead of qualifiers

T&T’s Beach Soccer Association president Kyle Lequay believes this country could make a strong claim for a place at the 2015 Fifa Beach Soccer World Cup in Portugal later this year. 

Lequay was in El Salvador for the Concacaf qualifying draw earlier this week which saw them being pitted in Group B alongside Mexico, Guadeloupe and Turks & Caicos. 

“I think the experience of the last tournament where were able to get wins against the likes of Canada, will put us in a much better position this time around. We have players who have experienced what it is to play at the Concacaf level and their desire is very strong. We have a few weeks to prepare the team and we’ll be aiming to give it our best shot,” Lequay said. 

The T&T beach soccer is one of the T&T Football Association’s (TTFA) national teams. 

Jones eyes senior team return 

W Connection defender Alvin Jones has his sights set on returning to the national senior team this year. The 20-year-old earned his first call up to the senior team last year during the semi-final round of the Caribbean Cup and has proven to be one of the bright young defenders in local football at this time. 

Reflecting on last year, Jones says he intends to step up his game this year.

“Last year for me was a great year in my life. 2014 was a stepping stone. Getting into the senior team was one of the best things to happen to date in my life. It gave me more confidence as a player and a person, and opened my eyes up to international football. I’m constantly working on improving my game and putting out my best for W Connection. I know there are opportunities that will come but I have to remain focused. My aim is to get back into the national senior team this year. We have the Gold Cup and the World Cup qualifiers coming up and I’d love to be part of the squad,” Jones said. 

“At club level I want to help W Connection win the League again and get back into the running for the Concacaf Champions League. I’ve had some trials in Europe last year and hopefully this year something can work out for me as I try to reach the highest level possible.” 

• Shaun Fuentes is the Director of Communications for the TTFA – [email protected]

Glamorgan, Technocrats women prevail

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 07:10

Unbeaten Glmaorgan women and Technocrats, the top two teams at the end of the T&T Volleyball Federation Premier Division round-robin series won their respective semifinal first-leg matches in contrasting style on Tuesday night. 

Playing in the first match of a double-header at the Central Regional Indoor Sports Arena, Glamorgan led by senior national team players Darlene Ramdin, Jalicia Ross-Kydd, Marisha Herbert and Malika Yorke overcame a first set stutter to whip former champions and the rebuilding University of T&T, 24-26, 25-15, 25-18, 25-21.

The win was the 11th on the trot for Glamorgan and only the second time it had dropped a set in a match all season, after doing so against Big South East Port-of-Spain in a first round league meeting while it swept UTT 3-0 in both rounds.

The Kelly-Anne Billingy led Technocrats had a much tougher outing though, as it was taken to five sets before securing a 24-26, 25-15, 25-18, 20-25, 15-11 triumph, over Southern United Volleyball Academy.

It was Technocrats second over the same opponent this season after taking their round two league clash 3-1. SUVA won their round one league clash 3-2.

Tonight, Glamorgan and Technocrats will look to close out their best-of-three semifinals when they meet the same opponents at Chaguanas from 6pm and 8pm respectively.

Should any of the ties go into a third and deciding fixture it will take place at the Eastern Regional Indoor Sports Arena, Tacarigua on Friday if needed with the one match final set for Sunday.

Last night, Glamorgan and Toco Youths Volleyball Academy also went in search of sweeping their Men’s Premier Division semifinal series when they came up against defendig champion Big SEPoS and Technocrats in second-leg semifinal at Maloney Indoor Sports Arena, Maloney. 

This after Glamorgan, led by national senior team duo, Saleem Ali and Ryan Stewart outlasted the Nolan Tash-led SEPoS 24-26, 25-13, 14-25, 25-18, 15-13 in their first-leg duel at the Jean Pierre Complex, Mucurapo on Monday night while Toco Youths led by national beach volleyballers, Fabien Whitfield, Daneil Williams and Collin Bernard stunned Simon Blake and his Technocrats 26-24, 25-23, 20-25, 25-18 to go 1-0 up in their respective best-of-three semifinals.

If a third match is needed in any of the men’s semifinals it will be contested tomorrow at Tacarigua for a place in Sunday’s winner-take-all championship match.

Grant, Blugh heat up Bermudez

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 07:05

Former national youth team duo, Nariba Grant and Aquila Blugh combined to lead defending champion Fire Services to a tense 34-29 win over Bermudez in the Championship Division of the Courts All Sectors Netball League on Tuesday.

Playing in the second match of a double-header at the Eastern Regional Indoor Sports Arena, Tacarigua, goal attack Grant shot 50 per cent, with 18 goals off 36 attempts, and Blugh added 16 from 25 for “Fire” which after leading 13-7 and 18-17 at the end of the first two quarters, trailed 23-25 at the end of the third, before rallying in the fourth, 11-4.

Doing the bulk of the scoring for Bermudez was the consistent goal shooter Kathy James, with 27 but it came from 47 attempts while Jocelyn Marcelle got two of four.

In the night’s first encounter, an Alternative Division match-up, University of Southern Caribbean (USC) overcame a stubborn Fideas, 33-29.

Goal shoot, Afiya O’Shaughnessy led the way for USC with 26 from 35 attempts and Gabriella Gooding got seven from 13 while Fideas was contributor was Kelly James, with 23 from 38 attempts.

On Monday night, goal shooter Debra Beckles was near perfect as Bermudez humbled Les Enfants 25-17 for a third straight win in the Retro Division.

Beckles ended with 19 goals from 26 attempts for Bermudez which led 7-4, 14-8 and 21-12 at the end of the first three quarters while former national standout, goal attack Althea Mc Collin added six from six, and Sharda Thomas, three of four in the win.

For last year’s winners’ TSTT, goal attack Debra Alie topscored with 11 goals from 19 attempts, and Olivia Le Platte, chipped in with four from 10 but it was not enough in the end.

Also on the night, Les Enfants got 17 goals from 29 attempts by goal attack Michelle Boyce in a 25-17 defeat of Harlem.

Les Enfants which led at all three intervals, 8-2, 13-8 and 20-12 also got seven from ten by goal shooter, Cindy Merrick while Aylene Husband had an off night, converting only one of eight attempts.

Jill Humphrey with nine goals from 16 attempts, and Denise Rose, who got eight from 19 were the contributors for Harlem.

Civic advances in FA without a sweat

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 07:05

Digicel T&T Pro League outfit, Pt Fortin Civic Centre was gifted a spot in the main draw of this year’s T&T Football Association FA Trophy competition without breaking a sweat yesterday.

This after its scheduled opponent for yesterday at the Mahaica Oval, Pt Fortin, Central Football Association’s Harlem Strikers withdrew from the tournament, as they were unable to field a team due to various reasons.

Pt Fortin will now go into the draw for the next round on Monday February 2.

Meanwhile, four-time FA Trophy winners and defending champions DirecTV W Connection was among two other Pro League clubs who were down to play preliminary round matches yesterday based on the random draw of 38 teams, conducted last Wednesday at the TTFA office at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo.

The trio of W Connection, Defence Force and Pt Fortin Civic, and four National Super League (NSL) clubs: Guaya United, Defence Force, Siparia Spurs and Real Maracas, were drawn in the 12-team preliminary round.

W Connection, also the reigning Pro League champions and winners of five titles last season faced Real Maracas at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva to begin its title defence.

FA winners in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2013-2014 and seven-time finalists, W Connection, coached by St Lucian Stuart Charles-Fevrier, has met Real Maracas just once competitively, and came away with a 2-0 in the preliminary round of the 2013 Toyota Classic, the only tournament that pools Pro League clubs with NSL clubs.

Last season W Connection defeated rivals Central FC 6-5 on kicks from the penalty spot following a 2-2 draw in the final of the FA Trophy.

The other FA preliminary round clashes contested yesterday included Siparia Spurs against Maple FC; House of Dread versus t Guaya United; Queens Park Cricket Club (QPCC) and Defence Force (Pro League), and Cedar Hill United against Defence Force (Super League)

Of the 38 teams drawn, nine come from the Pro League, 11 in the National Super League, and three each from the six national zones, with the exception of Harlem Strikers.

2015 fa trophy clubs:

2015 T&TFA FA Trophy participating clubs:

T&T Pro League: Central FC, W Connection, Defence Force, North East Stars, Caledonia AIA, Point Fortin Civic, Police FC, San Juan Jabloteh, St Ann's Rangers

National Super League: Real Maracas, Guaya United, Petrotrin Palo Seco, Club Sando, D’ Lime Bar Goal City, Bethel United, WASA, FC Santa Rosa, Siparia Spurs, Stokelyvale FC, Defence Force

Eastern FA: Prison FC, House of Dread, SKHY FC

Eastern Counties FU: Biche FC, Rio Claro United, Tamana United

Central FA: Cunupia FC, Enterprise Life Sports, Harlem Strikers (withdrawn)

Northern FA: Maple FC, QPCC FC, St Francois Nationals

Southern FA: Moruga FC, Penal All Stars, Cedar Hill United

Tobago FA: Youth Stars FC, Black Rock FC, Roxborough Lakers

Britto trims Central FC lead

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 07:02

Striker Jerrel Britto scored the lone goal as defending Digicel T&T Pro League champions, DirecTV W Connection eked out a 1-0 victory over Japs North East Stars at the Marvin Lee Stadium, Macoya on Tuesday night.

Britto’s decisive header in the 31st minute off a Kurt Frederick cross, beat the glove of goalkeeper Cleon John, and smashed into underside of the crossbar before bouncing into the net for a 1-0 lead which his team held onto to climb to 20 points from ten matches, three behind Central FC which had a chance to extend the lead back to six points when it faced Caledonia AIA at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva last night.

At Macoya though, Britto and his team should have won by a wider margin as he was denied 

in the fifth minute and struck over bar in the 18th minute, as well as going inches too high of a second goal in the 32nd minute while Stars also had two early tries from Kennedy Hinkson.

In addition to Britto, national defender Alvin Jones also tried his luck from distance with a free-kick that caused John some problems while midfielder Hashim Arcia poked wide three minutes before the break to keep Stars in the contest.

The second half was more of the same for W Connection as Arcia rattled the cross bar from distance in the 76th minute while in stoppage time goalkeeper John pulled off two excellent saves to deny substitutes Akeem Garcia and Devaughn Elliot.

The Stars\ custodian first gloved Garcia's attempt onto the cross bar and from the rebound, he stretched full length to push Elliot’s strike wide. 

Despite the dismal night in the front of goal, W Connection got the deserved win and was expected to be back in action again last night against National Super League outfit Real Maracas in the preliminary round of the T&T Football Association FA Trophy competition at Couva from 8pm.

This after W Connection – four-time winners and defending FA Trophy champions – was drawn in the 12-team preliminary round along with fellow Pro League clubs Defence Force and Pt Fortin Civic.

In the other two Pro League matches contested on Tuesday night, Play Whe San Juan Jabloteh travelled to Pt Fortin Civic and came away with a 2-1 triumph at the Mahaica Oval while Police got two second-half penalties from captain Todd Ryan to earn a similar 2-1 win against cellar-placed St Ann’s Rangers.

Down at Mahaica, T&T Pro League all-time leading goalscorer carried his season tally to a league best seven and 129 goals overall when he opened the scoring for Jabloteh in the third minute.

However, Pt Fortin levelled in the 17th minute through midfielder Andre Toussaint before Jamaican Adrian Reid snatched winner for the visitors, seven minutes from the final whistle. 

And at the St James Police Barracks, Rangers went ahead in the 29th through Sedale Mc Lean in the 29th, only for Ryan to convert penalties in the 61st and 80th minutes.


Tuesday’s Digicel Pro League results:
Jabloteh 2 (Kerry Baptiste 3rd, Adrian Reid 83rd) vs Pt Fortin Civic 1 (Andre Toussaint 17th) 
Police 2 (Todd Ryan 61st pen, 80th pen) vs St Ann's Rangers 1 (Sedale Mc Lean 29th)
W Connection 1 (Jerrel Britto 31st) vs North East Stars 0



Current Digicel T&T Pro League standings:
Teams    P    W    D    L    F    A    Pts
Central FC    10    7    2    1    28    8    23
W Conn’    10    6    2    2    21    6    20
D’ Force    10    5    2    3    16    14    17
NEast Stars    11    5    2    4    9    7    17
Jabloteh    11    4    4    3    16    16    16
Police    11    3    5    3    15    21    14
Pt F’tin Civic    11    3    2    6    19    20    11
Caledonia    9    3    2    4    15    19    11
Rangers    11    0    1    10    8    35    1​

Windies end series of misery on losing note

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 06:55

CENTURION–West Indies ended their tour of South Africa on the same miserable note on which they started, slumping to a deflating 131-run defeat in the fifth and final One-Day International in Pretoria, south Africa, yesterday.

Chasing a mammoth 362 for victory in a match reduced to 42 overs per side because of rain which delayed the start, the Windies always faced an enormous task and despite a few fireworks, collapsed to 230 all out off 37.4 overs at SuperSport Park, to concede the series 4-1.

Marlon Samuels top scored with exactly 50, Narsingh Deonarine chipped in with 43 while Denesh Ramdin got 40 and Dwayne Smith, 31.

However, none of the Windies batsmen carried on for the big score needed as seamer Wayne Parnell snapped up four for 42 to keep South Africa on top.

Pacer Kyle Abbott finished with two for 59.

Sent in, South Africa were propelled by superb hundreds from the unrelenting Hashim Amla who stroked 133 off 105 deliveries and Rilee Rossouw who smashed 132 off just 98 balls.

With the Proteas in a spot of bother at 59 for two in the tenth over, Amla and Rossouw combined in a scintillating record third wicket stand of 247, to get their side up to 361 for five.

Amla struck 11 fours and six sixes to post his 19th one-day hundred while Rossouw’s second ODI century was punctuated by nine fours and eight sixes.

Holder knocked over Quinton de Kock cheaply for four with the score on six in the second over, getting the left-hander to top edge a pull to Jonathan Carter at point.

Amla added a handsome 53 for the second wicket with Faf du Plessis who made 16 before also falling to the short ball when he failed to keep down a pull at Russell and top edged a catch to Sheldon Cottrell at fine leg.

However, that was the last sign of major success for the Windies. Amla raced to his half-century off 49 balls, whipping off-spinner Deonarine behind square for four to reach the landmark.

He then marched imperiously to a fine hundred off 92 deliveries in the 36th over, with a couple to long-off off seamer Carlos Brathwaite.

Amla finished the series with 413 runs at a phenomenal average of 206.5, to be voted Man-of-the-Series. He passed fifty every time he batted in the series.

Rossouw, meanwhile, was brutal. He started slowly, gathering just 15 runs from his first 29 balls but then accelerated to reach his half-century from 60 deliveries.

He then needed only 23 more balls to each three figures as he ripped into the Windies bowlers. In one over from Russell—the 30th of the innings—he carted three sixes and a four in plundering 28 runs off the bowler.

Such was their domination, the Proteas accelerated from a position of 150 for two after 27 overs to score 211 runs off the last 15 overs.

West Indies then had a nightmare start when the badly out-of-form Chris Gayle wafted at the first ball of the innings—one adjudged a wide—and given out caught behind on review.

Deonarine and Smith were enterprising, adding 77 off 74 deliveries for the second wicket and taking West Indies along at over six runs an over.

The left-handed Deonarine faced 50 balls and counted five fours and a six while Smith hit three fours and a six off 28 balls before falling lbw in the 13th over to left-arm spinner Aaron Phangiso, missing one that came on with the arm.

Deonarine was run out 11 balls later to leave the Windies on 81 for three in the 15th over but Samuels and Ramdin kept the Windies in the hunt with a productive stand of 91 for the fourth wicket.

Samuels struck the ball cleanly, hitting a four and four sixes off 47 balls while Ramdin was good for a four and two sixes in his run-a-ball innings.

With the required run rate climbing to near 13 an over, Samuels improvised and paid the price, bowled by Abbott as he backed away to give himself room to hit through the off side in the 28th over.

His wicket marked the end of the Windies resistance, as they lost two more quick wickets for just five runs in the space of nine deliveries, to stumble to a 177 for six at the end of the 29th over.

Russell came out swinging, rattling off a cameo 24 off 12 balls with four fours and a six, and single-handedly taking 19 runs from Abbott’s sixth over, the 30th of the innings.

However, once he got a faint edge behind off the first ball of the next over as he missed a steer to third man off Parnell, the Windies collapsed again losing their final four wickets for 34 runs.

Sammy made 27 off 25 balls before he was last man out, chopping on to slow bowler Farhaan Behardien. (CMC)


SOUTH AFRICA (Max: 42 overs)

+Q de Kock c Carter b Holder     4
H Amla b Russell     133
F du Plessis c Cottrell b Russell     16
R Rossouw c Carter b Russell     132
D Miller c wkp Ramdin b Holder     23
JP Duminy not out     18
F Behardien not out     5
Extras (lb7, w20, nb3)     30
TOTAL (5 wkts, 42 overs)     361
Did not bat: W Parnell, A Phangiso, K Abbott, M de Lange
Fall of wickets: 1-6 (de Kock, 1.3 overs), 2-59 (du Plessis, 10), 3-306 (Rossouw, 38.4), 4-330 (Amla, 40.2), 5-345 (Miller, 41.2) 9-0-72-2 (w3), Brathwaite 9-0-46-0 (w2), Russell 8-0-85-3 (w5, nb3), Sammy 7-0-59-0, Deonarine 2-0-19-0.

C Gayle c wkp de Kock b Abbott     0
N Deonarine run out     43
D Smith lbw b Phangiso     31
M Samuels b Abbott     50
+D Ramdin c Amla b Parnell     40
A Russell c wkp de Kock b Parnell     24
J Carter c Abbott b Parnell     0
D Sammy b Behardien     27
J Holder c Rossouw b Parnell     0
C Brathwaite c de Kock b de Lange     1
S Cottrell not out     0
Extras (lb2, w8)     10
TOTAL (all out, 37.4 overs)     215 
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Gayle, 0.1 overs), 2-77 (Smith, 12.3), 3-81 (Deonarine, 14.2), 4-172 (Samuels, 27.3), 5-176 (Ramdin, 28.1), 6-177 (Carter, 29), 7-196 (Russell, 30.1), 8-196 (Holder, 30.4), 9-214 (Brathwaite, 33.4)
Bowling: Abbott 7-0-59-2 (w3), de Lange 8-0-34-1 (w3), Parnell 9-0-42-4 (w2), Phangiso 8-0-53-1, Behardien 5.4-0-40-1 (w2).
Result: South Africa won by 131 runs.
Series: South Africa win series 4-1.
Man-of-the-Match: Rilee Rossouw.
Man-of-the-Series: Hashim Amla
Toss: West Indies.
Umpires: J Cloete, S Ravi; 
TV – S Davis.