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Browne wants to return T&T to CONCACAF No 1

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:36

NAME: Selby Browne

ASSOCIATION: Veteran Football 


PROFESSION: Businessman


If you want to see a return to the ‘Glory Days’ of T&T football vote for Selby Browne. 

The Veteran Football Federation (VFF) president is promising to implement policies that will lead to a complete overhaul, redirect, refocus and ensure proper governance and transparency in the sport that will eventually propel T&T football to the number one position in the CONCACAF region. 

In his plan, Browne revealed that once he is elected president when the T&T Football Association (T&TFA) Annual General Meting (AGM) and Election of Officers on Sunday, he would implement polices that would move the sport forward. He said: “It cannot be business as usual. I will bring my vision to refocus, restructure and re-engineer football in T&T for the next generation.” 

These policies include; No major chance to the constitution or rules of the association will be made solely by the president or the Board of Management without appropriate and meaningful consultation; Strict adherence to the TTFA’s constitution, rules and operating procedures. 

He added that this also includes the holding of general meetings, AGM, elections, production of timely audited financial accounts, presentation of annual reports and ensuring that member associations, leagues and clubs adhere to the constitution. Browne wants to see the strengthening of associations and clubs and ensuring that leagues, tournaments and competitions are properly organised and managed. 

He will also place emphasis on the Secondary schools which he believes must play with the adult clubs in their regional associations to displace the gap between secondary schools football and adult national competitions and thereby providing opportunities for schools footballers to be fixtures on national teams on a 30 per cent basis. 

Among Browne’s policies are: A technical director being introduced and assigned to each regional association with a responsibility for developing and managing training programmes for kiddies, youths and adult footballers and making recommendations to national teams. He sighted the need for the appointment of a technical director to the T&T Pro League with specific responsibilities to establishing a team that would provide analysis of matches, assessment of the performances of players with respect to their strength, employment of skills and training etc which would help clubs with their product development.

He promises to conduct a critical review of the league structure for football in T&T to determine the merits of integration, promotion and relegation in a tiered system; Conducting a financial audit and introduction of an internal auditor and chief financial officer as well as the establishment of a proper financial management system.

He will be calling on the regional associations, leagues and clubs and implementing strict policies to prevent the TTFA president or any member of the board of management from using the association resources for their personal use. 

A man who is well respected in football through-out the region, Concacaf, Europe, Asia and Africa for his stance against corruption in the sport, Browne explained that his new administration and structure will be refocus to ensure proper technical development from the primary school level within the communities to professionalism in the regional associations, the Caribbean and around the world at large. 

He made it clear his campaign is about the product of football; the major asset of the TTFA, the footballers; about football for the next generation; about providing better conditions for footballers; about ensuring that national footballers are not distracted by off the field administrative blunders; about ensuring accountability and transparency throughout the association, the league and the club levels as well as embracing the development of the sport at the primary schools and community levels and ensure the best is on the field. 

He reminded all of the glory days in which T&T defeated Mexico 4-0 in the 1974 World Cup Qualifiers in Haiti and then followed up that performance by scoring five goals against Haiti in Port au Prince but had four disallowed by the officials. T&T eventually lost the game 1-2 while referee Jose Enrique of El Salvador and linesman James Higuet of Canada were banned for life by the world governing body for football- FIFA. 

In reminiscing about the glory days of the sport, Browne pointed out that Haiti moved to the number one spot in the Concacaf region when it should have been T&T and later explained that five T&T players Kelvin Barclay, Selris Figaro, Everald ‘Gally’ Cummings, Warren Archibald and lethal striker Steve David were named on a CONCACAF All Star team afterwards. 

He is calling on all clubs, leagues and associations to support him, noting that because of his background as being a strong individual with a passion and knowledge of all aspects of football in T&T, the Caribbean, the Concacaf and globally, that he is well able to discern what is required to take T&T to its former glory as well as provide a vision to strengthen the administration, the associations, the leagues, clubs and improve T&T’s ranking in the Concacaf. 

He also wants a chance to seek financial security for the embattled association and the sport which he explained will come from an improved product. He added the sport must attract meaningful sponsors and investors and cannot be dependent on financing from government, CONCACAF and FIFA. 

Browne feels that the return of T&T football to a highly rated, attractive and entertaining product with footballers marketable based on their mature sociable appeal, against the background of well managed matches, leagues, tournaments and events would facilitate a meaningful return to television rights values that would augment the financial attractiveness of the TTFA.

Ramasra, Khan elected on squash board

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:34

Two of the country’s most decorated squash players Colin Ramasra and Rhea Khan were elected to the new T&T Squash Association (TTSA) Executive Committee after the Annual General Meeting was held at the Cascadia Hotel in St Ann’s, on Tuesday night.

Ramasra and Khan, who have dominated local squash over the past 20 years, were elected as the public relations officer and the south representative respectively.

Jason De Verteuil was elected president of the board, while Richard Walcott will serve as vice president north and Diane Julien was appointed vice president south for the upcoming year.

Ramasra, who retired earlier this year stated, “I look forward to serving squash in a new capacity as the link between the sport and the media, to add visibility and build awareness for squash in T&T.”

The new committee thanked the outgoing committee for their hard work and dedication to the sport over the last year and the new committee aims to continue to build the sport locally through several new initiatives which will be announced soon.

TTSA Executive Committee (2016)

Jason De Verteuil—President

Richard Walcott—Vice President North

Diane Julien—Vice President South

Julian Henry—Treasurer

Bridget Poon—Secretary

Stephen Gill—Assistant Secretary

Colin Ramasra—Public Relations Officer

David Scott—Past President

Rhea Khan—South Representative 

Williams cops top East Zone cricket award

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:32

Kwinsi Williams was adjudged “Cricketer of the Year” when the East Zonal Council of the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB) staged their 2015 prize distribution function at the Tunapuna Hindu School, on Sunday.

Williams was a big winner on the night after being also named among the “Five Cricketers of the Year” which included Anil Ragoonath, Anil Karim, Shastri Sinanan and Clevon Frederick. Also on the honour roll was the talented Keagan Simmons who was among the Four Youth Cricketers of the Year when he snagged both the U-19 and U-17 categories, and was joined by U-15 cricketers Samir Ali and Leonardo Julien.

Simmons was also acknowledged with awards for being selected on the national U-19 and U-17 teams, a feat only matched by batting prodigy Kirstan Kallicharan. Simmons was also awarded for making the prestigious U-23 TTCB Academy squad.

Also in the limelight was top coach Tarandath Sammy, the chairman of the TTCB Youth Development Committee, chairman of the East Zone, and executive member of the national governing body for the sport.

Others recognised were Kumar Singh, Rajesh Persad and Aslim Mandol, who also copped the East Zone Chairman’s Award for service to cricket administration. The lion’s share of the club awards went to Curepe Sports who triumphed in the 40-Overs Sunday League, and the Twenty20 competition, as well as emerging runners-up in the three-day Senior Division League tournament.

Delivering the feature address at the function was president of the TTBC Azim Bassarath.

Honour roll


1—Curepe Sports Club

2—UWI Cricket Club 


1—UWI Cricket Club

2—Curepe Sports Club

3—Brazil Progressive Sports Club 



1—Dinsley Cricket Club

2—Prisons Sports Club 

TWENTY20 (20 Overs)

1—Curepe Sports Club

2—Squadron Sports Club

Senior Limited Overs Player of the Year: 

Gavaska Malachi


1—Anil Ragoonath

2—Kwinsi Williams

3—Anil Karim

4—Shastri Sinanan

5—Clevon Frederick 




1—Samir Al

2—Leonardo Julien 

3—Keagan Simmons (Under-19)

4—Keagan Simmons (Under-17)


1—Dindial Boochoon

2—Deosaran Ramnath (Posthumous)

* For Long and Meritorious Service to East Zone Cricket 


1—Gregory Eugene

* For Outstanding Contribution to Local and Regional Cricket 


1—Tarandath Sammy

2—Kumar Singh

3—Aslim Mandol 

4—Rajesh Persad


Chairman’s Award 

1—Aslim Mandol


UNDER-15: Leonardo Julien, Renaldo Forrester, Samir Ali

UNDER 17: Keagan Simmons, Kirstan Kallicharan, Teshawn Alleyne, Nathaniel Mc David

UNDER 19: Keagan Simmons, Kirstan Kallicharan, Akil Seetal, 

UNDER-23 ACADEMY: Keagan Simmonse talented Keagan Simmons who was among the Four Youth Cricketers of the Year when he snagged both the U-19 and U-17 categories, and was joined by U-15 cricketers Samir Ali and Leonardo Julien.
Simmons was also acknowledged with awards for being selected on the national U-19 and U-17 teams, a feat only matched by batting prodigy Kirstan Kallicharan. Simmons was also awarded for making the prestigious U-23 TTCB Academy squad.
Also in the limelight was top coach Tarandath Sammy, the chairman of the TTCB Youth Development Committee, chairman of the East Zone, and executive member of the national governing body for the sport.
Others recognised were Kumar Singh, Rajesh Persad and Aslim Mandol, who also copped the East Zone Chairman’s Award for service to cricket administration. The lion’s share of the club awards went to Curepe Sports who triumphed in the 40-Overs Sunday League, and the Twenty20 competition, as well as emerging runners-up in the three-day Senior Division League tournament.
Delivering the feature address at the function was president of the TTBC Azim Bassarath.
Honour roll
1—Curepe Sports Club
2—UWI Cricket Club 
1—UWI Cricket Club
2—Curepe Sports Club
3—Brazil Progressive Sports Club 
1—Dinsley Cricket Club
2—Prisons Sports Club                                                                                                                                       
TWENTY20 (20 Overs)
1—Curepe Sports Club
2—Squadron Sports Club
Senior Limited Overs Player of the Year: 
Gavaska Malachi

1—Anil Ragoonath
2—Kwinsi Williams
3—Anil Karim
4—Shastri Sinanan
5—Clevon Frederick 


1—Samir Al
2—Leonardo Julien 
3—Keagan Simmons (Under-19)
4—Keagan Simmons (Under-17)

1—Dindial Boochoon
2—Deosaran Ramnath (Posthumous)
* For Long and Meritorious Service to East Zone Cricket 

1—Gregory Eugene
* For Outstanding Contribution to Local and Regional Cricket    

1—Tarandath Sammy
2—Kumar Singh
3—Aslim Mandol 
4—Rajesh Persad

Chairman’s Award  
1—Aslim Mandol

UNDER-15: Leonardo Julien, Renaldo Forrester, Samir Ali
UNDER 17: Keagan Simmons, Kirstan Kallicharan, Teshawn Alleyne, Nathaniel Mc David
UNDER 19: Keagan Simmons, Kirstan Kallicharan, Akil Seetal, 

UNDER-23 ACADEMY: Keagan Simmons

Young chess stars get ‘bouff’

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:30

Double Rooks is calling on the T&T Chess Association (T&TCA) executive to respond to a situation involving apparent charges of discrimination against two of the country’s young chess champions. 

The two “victims” in this sad story are Vishnu Singh, T&T’s first International Master and winner of last year’s national and junior championship titles, and Javanna Smith who is the country’s first Woman FIDE Master, the 2014 female national senior and junior champion and the Under-18 champion. Having secured these supreme over-the-board achievements, it seems only logical and fair that the association would have honoured them with Player of the Year awards. But no, in its own wisdom, the T&TCA preferred to grant these honours to less deserving players. Earlier this year, Singh had defeated awardee Harper in several tournaments while Smith virtually ruled the roost in the women’s division during 2014. DR can only presume that the Minister of Sport had recognised the injustice done to the two champions and, in an apparent gesture to rectify it, presented them with plaques in recognition of their exceptional string of victories.

More significantly, it was suggested that the T&TCA should apply to the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs (MSYA) for grants to assist the two players to advance their careers in the sport, with training and travel in pursuit of higher international titles. Last April, after the new management committee was elected, fathers of the two chess stars appealed to the Association to apply for ministerial grants. “We were told that the new executive was busy, that they didn’t have the time for that,” Russell Smith recalled. “We were told that we could go ahead and apply for the grants ourselves.” 

The fathers complied. But when, some weeks later, they approached the MSYA for a response, they learned that two T&TCA executives had visited the Ministry and were informed that they had to endorse the applications themselves and, for the future, they also had to present criteria for such grants to be released. After waiting for some time, the parents again approached the Association’s management committee to find out about the grants since the training schedule in Cuba was due to begin shortly and most of the titled tournaments, CAC U-20, CAC Festival, Panam U-20, Panam Festival, in which the two young T&T champions intended to participate, would take place during the July-August holiday.

“Much to our dismay,” Smith snr related, “We were informed that the management committee would first have to meet as an executive, then form a committee to develop the criteria, then call a special general meeting to approve it. In other words, they would have to wait until all the tournaments and holidays were over before endorsing the applications.

“One is compelled to wonder if any of the management committee’s children were involved, whether they would not have created the criteria the same week and endorse the petitions immediately after,” Smith remarked. “Apparently for other children there was no urgency.” As Secretary of FIDE Americas, Smith attended the Panams only to find two management committee members present and Akiesha Jones, a member of Palladins Chess Club and a virtual novice in the game, among the contestants! How did this inexperienced T&T player, without any notable achievement in the sport, find her way to this international tournament while the country’s two champions, deserving of every encouragement, had been receiving no end of trouble? Did Jones receive a grant from the Ministry? And how prompt and truthful was the criteria issued for her? Two weeks before the Panam Festival in Cali in July, the parents again approached the T&TCA and were told by the president that two other officers would attend to their matters. 

“We objected having to spend money from our own pockets when the MYSA grants were available. Having regard to this response, we feared that nothing would be done. Eventually, nothing was really done.” Once again the fathers visited the Ministry in July and were informed that the management committee had still not endorsed the grant petitions. When they inquired who had endorsed the grant for Akeisha Jones, they were told by a Ministry official that the Association’s management committee had done so. “Following this bitter episode,” Smith snr said, “We again confronted the T&TCA executive about the grants, but the same treatment was meted out to us.” However, two days before start of the U-20 Panam Championships in El Salvador, Singh snr managed to get the Ministry to finance tickets for the tournament, involving him in a desperate last minute hustle to complete travel arrangements. Javanna, however, declined the offer stating that she was not mentally prepared for the El Salvador event; after such a long delay she assumed the grants were not forthcoming. What in heaven’s name has been going on in the T&TCA? Is this any way to treat the country’s young chess champions? Would the management committee care to explain?

Hart: We’ve achieved nothing to date

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:29

Stephen Hart was no short of crediting his team for their unbeaten start to the “Road to Russia” campaign but he has warned that nothing has been achieved as T&T must now look to take care of St Vincent/Grenadines away on March 25 and then at home on March 29.

“All the players did their part and the fans were a wonderful 12th man. When you consider that we flew back here after almost ten hours after reaching the airport in Guatemala on Saturday morning, and then have to get the sessions and prepare sufficiently for such a big game, you really must give credit to the boys for their efforts,” Hart said, following the recent two matches against Guatemala and the United States.

“We are growing and maturing more and more. That’s all part of becoming a unit and we’re going to continue striving towards that and getting to being the team that I think we are strongly capable of. But we have to be mindful of the fact that we have not really achieved anything that warrants any celebration. Yes we can say it’s a decent start but there’s a very long journey ahead and we must take the course as it comes.

“Our backline was solid, the midfielders were compact and did their job and of course our front runners were penetrative and caused a lot of problems for the opponent. Kenwyne worked very hard and I was pleased with his efforts. Generally I can’t say there was anything more I could have asked for from the players. But of course we would have loved to be sitting on six points heading into next year and we’ll just have to keep plugging away towards qualifying for the next stage.”

The team will resume training in late December ahead of the Copa America Centenario playoff with Haiti in Panama City on January 8. The teams already through to the Copa America 2016 include Brazil, Argentina, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica Jamaica, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and Peru.

King stays positive 

about Olympic chances

Despite her team’s struggle to reproduce the kind of form that saw them impress in the CONCACAF Final round last year, during the recent Olympic qualifiers, defender Arin King is remaining optimistic about its chances in February in the United States.

King was speaking after T&T edged Puerto Rico 1-0 in the final of the Caribbean Olympic Qualifying tournament last Friday, saying that once again Jamaica proved to be T&T’s toughest outing.

“It was definitely a battle but we had a lot obstacles but we stayed focused on the task at hand. We had each other’s backs. Jamaica were the toughest opponent for us. There is always a rivalry between us and you know last year we beat them 1-0 so they came out looking for revenge,” King said.

“Most important is that we stay committed. We need our preparations and we need to stay focus. It was our heart that kept us going in this tournament. We have the heart, desire and passion to play.”

Looking ahead to the CONCACAF Finals in February, she said, “We know what we need to do. We have to get the help and prepare properly for this tournament. I think we definitely have what it takes to get us through. These two games against the US is going to be important for us and hopefully we can stay together and keep improving as a team.”

T&T have been placed in Group B with Canada, Guyana and Guatemala for the 2016 CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Championship. The top two teams from the eight-team tournament will advance to the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Latapy: Old fire 

keeps me going

“Never forget where you’ve been and never lose sight of where you’re going.”

There’s that old saying which never gets old. And it’s one of them that former T&T great Russell Latapy never forgets. The former T&T head coach made reference to the high points of the 2005/2006 World Cup qualification while in Port of Spain last week. 

A day after the 10-year anniversary of T&T’s 1-0 victory over Bahrain to qualify for Germany 2006, Latapy said he would often turn back the clock when he needed inspiration. Of course, he would have had many outstanding moments in his career but the win in Bahrain certainly stands out.

“It’s definitely one of the highlights of my playing career. Everyone saw what it did for the country with the joy that everybody had. And these are the experiences that you call upon in hard times and these are the experiences that you want to experience again. I would very much like to achieve something like this as a coach. It drives me on and drives me forward to keep going,” Latapy said.

“After qualifying for 2006, we should have never gotten to a place this dark in our football history. We are a small nation but the reality is we did. Again, with the President (Raymond Tim Kee) and the Minister (Darryl Smith) and the way they are operating, I’ve had conversations with them and I must say that they’ve been very true to their word and that is a very positive sign. It is also a sign that everyone is pushing in the same direction which is forward. There are some other steps the association has taken which hopefully will raise the levels in various aspects.”

Bon Accord bags two titles in Atlantic football finals

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:27

Tobago champions Bon Accord Government walked away with two national titles at the end of the Ministry of Education Atlantic Primary School Football League at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

The Tobago giants Bon Accord Government, who had won the boys Under-15 title 14 times in the last 30 years, yesterday returned to the winner’s circle. Not to be outdone, Bon Accord Government Girls also won the Atlantic U-15 national girls title.

In the first game of the morning Bon Accord whipped “giant killer” Couva South Government 5-2. Bon Accord went into the lead as early as the seventh minute through Kyle Jack who doubled his tally in the 18th minute, before Kyron Melville made it 3-0. Ishmael Cooper pulled one back for Couva South in the 27th minute. 

Jack on the resumption put Bon Accord further ahead before Jesse Francis added icing to the cake with his 54th minute item.

Joshua Phillip gained a consolation goal for Couva South in the 53rd minute. With the last Tobago contingent cheering including Huey Cadette and Theophilus Trim of the Tobago House of Assembly, the girls set about to trounce St Agnes Girls Anglican School. Diamond Arthur was the destroyer for Bon Accord, scoring a hat-trick in their 5-0 victory. 

Djlleasia Nicholas scored a double for the new champions. Tobago could be proud of Arthur and Jack as they were both named MVP of their respective final. However, the final game had everyone at the edge of the seat between San Fernando Boys RC and Enterprise Government.

In what was the best game of the day, San Fernando Boys struck first in the seventh minute through Terrel Rajoun and maintained a 1-0 lead into the second half. On the resumption, Mollik Khan put them two goals up in the 24th minute before Jaden Bartholomew pulled one back for Enterprise Government. But before the cheers could die down, Jessiah Hercules equalised for Enterprise Government. 

Three minutes later Tyrell Bereaux put San Fernando Boys RC back in the lead. With four minutes remaining, Nickel Gormandy equalised for Enterprise Government in what was the best game of the day. At the end of full time, the referees went into the five-minute extra time for the young players and Khan struck a beautiful right foot shot that beat the Enterprise custodian all ends up. That proved to be the winning strike as San Fernando Boys RC placed their first linen on the National Atlantic U-12 trophy. 

President of the National Primary Schools League Vincent Graham was honoured for his contribution to football for the past 25 years, and his presidency for the past 15 years. Also honoured was Kelvin Nancoo for his contribution to football in T&T for the past 16 years.

Knee injury puts Pollard out of Ram Slam, Big Bash

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:23

JOHANNESBURG—A knee injury has ruled West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard out of the remainder of the Ram Slam T20 Challenge and the Australia Big Bash starting next month.

The 28-year-old picked up the injury while fielding on Sunday in the contest in Paarl between his Cape Cobras and Knights. He returned to play a match-winning innings of a 12-ball unbeaten 23 but has failed to recover significantly.

“We are severely disappointed about the loss of a stalwart like Kieron,” said Cape Cobras’ coach Paul Adams. Kieron has given his all. The fact that he went out to bat after he got injured, underlines his dedication and commitment to the team. He has been an inspiration to the whole squad.”

Pollard’s absence will be a huge blow to Cape Cobras, especially after helping them to the Ram Slam title last season, taking 14 wickets and scoring 243 runs. The performance earned him Player-of-the-Tournament honours.

The Trinidadian was also expected to turn out for Adelaide Strikers in the Big Bash starting December 17 and South Australian Cricket Association high performance general manager, Tim Nielsen, said the player would be hard to replace at this stage.

“This is obviously terrible news and our first concern is that Kieron can make a full recovery from his injury,” the Australian said.

“Kieron is a unique player because he has all-round ability as a batsman, bowler and fielder, so it’s going to be difficult to replace him but we’re investigating all options and will try to find the best fit for the team.” (CMC)

Cameron agrees to December 4 meeting with Caricom

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:22

KINGSTON—West Indies Cricket Board president, Dave Cameron, has caved into pressure from CARICOM and will meet with Heads of Government in Grenada on December 4, to discuss the recommendations of the Cricket Governance Review report.

The WICB head came under fire recently from chairman of the CARICOM’s Cricket Governance Committee, Grenada’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell, over his reluctance to schedule an “urgent meeting” to discuss the report, which has as its main proposal the “immediate dissolution” of the WICB.

Dave Cameron Speaking last week in Dominica at the OECS Summit, Mitchell accused Cameron of an “amazing level of disrespect” after the WICB president refused to budge on a decision not to entertain a meeting with CARICOM Heads before the scheduled Directors Meeting in St Lucia on December 12.

However, Cameron on Monday apologized for any offence he may have caused CARICOM but said he needed time to speak to his shareholders.

“I would not, and have never disrespected any leader of the region,” the Jamaica Gleaner quoted Cameron as saying while speaking at an event here Monday. The letter that we (the WICB) published is simply to outline a process that we felt is a reasonably one. I needed time to talk to the shareholders, what we would call the constituent members of the WICB, before actually meeting with our leaders.

“If it caused any offence, I sincerely apologise … again. I am now scheduled to meet the ministers on the fourth of December in Grenada.”

Cameron was making reference to a letter sent recently to CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Irvin LaRocque, where he denied a request for an “urgent meeting” but invited the regional Heads along with members of the Cricket Governance Review panel, to the Directors meeting.

Despite agreeing to the December 4 meeting, however, Cameron maintained that governments should not influence the decisions of independent sporting organisations. (CMC)

Bassarath pledged $1.5m for cricket development

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:22

President of the T&T Cricket Board Azim Bassarath has announced an injection of $1.5 million for clubs, and the appointment of zonal co-ordinators to improve the development of cricket throughout the nation.

Bassarath also made a stirring appeal to cricket clubs to play a greater role in the development of their respective communities.

He was speaking on Sunday at the 2015 prize-distribution function of the East Zone of the TTCB, staged at the Tunapuna Hindu School, situated at the Corner of Pasea Main Road and the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway.

“This is what your Board is doing for you. We recognise your valued input to our sport and today I am proud to announce that the TTCB is pumping $1.5 million into our seven zones plus Tobago in the next year,” said Bassarath. 

All prize monies for zonal clubs have also been increased, for the League, the Limited Overs and T20 competitions.

“We have also been assigned, thanks to input from the National Training Agency, seven zonal co-ordinators to assist in the proper administration and implementation of zonal programmes.

“We will be seeking to improve the organisational structure of our zones and to this end, we have created a Zonal Development Committee with responsibilities for club development as well,” said Bassarath.

“You will soon see the results of these initiatives and we urge clubs to utilise these resources to allow yourselves to become even better organised than you are at present.

“We will be working with you to have your clubs recognized, registered agencies with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Arts, and other such state agencies that impact on the work that you do,” he said. 

Bassarath said the TTCB is creating a cadre of highly-skilled administrators in each zone, who will cross-reference positives and negatives and assist each zone in quality delivery of their competitions, development programmes and club-improvement strategies.

“We will continue to urge you to participate in the democratic process of Board elections as outlined in our constitution. Each club now has two votes in electing six club reps to serve on your zone, with two of these representatives going on to become members of the TTCB,” Bassarath said. 

“It is this pathway that I travelled myself, as anyone can move from club representative, to zonal rep, to Board member, to Executive Member and eventually, the president of the TTCB,” he said.

Naps edge Green Machine for Inter Col final spot

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:21


Naparima College advanced to the final of the Coca Cola National Inter Col yesterday when they defeated the “Green Machine” of St Augustine 2-1 at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium, Marabella. 

Gerard Dass scored in the 46th minute and Shubal Celestine added another item two minutes into time added on to confirm a meeting with arch rivals St Anthony’s College on Monday at a venue to be announced. 

After the match “Naps” coach Angus Eve said his team played a good game but they didn’t score as many goals as they should have scored in the encounter. 

“They created a number of chances but did not convert them. But we are into the final and that is most important. We will be facing the only team that defeated us during the Premier Division season this year” Eve said. 

St Augustine, as they did in the league encounter against Naps earlier this month, took the lead in the seventh minute from a penalty spot. Midfielder Jesse Joseph was brought down in the area while on his way to goal causing the referee to point to the penalty spot. And captain Joshua Marshall stepped up and beat the Naps goalkeeper from the spot kick. 

Naparima, who have won the league and South Zone Inter Col titles to date, got the equalising goal in the 46th minute when Gregory found room down the right flank and squared it back for Dass to meet nicely with a sliding kick past the St Augustine goalkeeper for the lead.

And they got their second goal and the winner from a neat build in and around the Green Machine box. The ball was then centred for an unmarked Celestine to fire home. 

Only recently Eve said he was heading for a treble of titles after claiming the league, south zone intercol and now heading for the national intercol. Eve, a former national midfielder called on the West Mooring team to come out and play attacking football that the crowd will be coming out to see. The St Anthony’s ‘Tigers’ are the only team to have beaten the southern giants for the season. 

But yesterday Eve said the Tigers played a defensive style of football that he hopes they will not do for the coming final on Monday.

Windies to get $10m from ICC seven Full Members get financial help

Thu, 11/26/2015 - 05:19

The ICC will pay seven full-member boards $10 million over the next eight years, as part of the Test Cricket Fund announced during last year’s Big Three takeover of cricket’s governing body. Other than the BCCI, ECB and CA, the remaining full-member boards will each receive $1.25 million annually, beginning January 2016.

The latest figures indicate that each member receiving the Test Match Fund stands to gain $10 million over eight years. This is less than the figure of $12.5 million over eight years announced by ECB president and ICC executive committee member Giles Clarke in February 2014 as each nation’s Test Cricket Fund package.

The ICC plans to make its first Test Cricket Fund payment of $600,000 in early January, before disbursing another $650,000 to the ‘small seven’ member boards in July. Payments are expected to follow this biannual pattern until 2023.

The ICC had originally announced that the Test Cricket Fund aimed to “encourage and support Test match cricket” outside the Big Three nations. As Boards have already entered bilateral touring agreements until 2023, there appears to be limited scope to enhance their Test schedules using the Test Cricket Fund payments.

It appears more likely that the money will be used to underwrite loss-making tours. For example, Sri Lanka Cricket loses money on Test tours featuring all nations except the Big Three and Pakistan. The Test Cricket Fund would help it recover losses from home tours such as the recent visit by West Indies, which is estimated to have cost SLC about $648,000.

The Test Cricket Fund had been among the chief incentives offered to the smaller boards, as the BCCI, ECB and CA sought support for their takeover of the ICC in January and February last year. During that time, Clarke, then ECB’s chairman, had said in an interview with Sky Sports: “The ICC has agreed to establish a Test Match Fund of $12.5 million per country over eight years - available to all except England, India and Australia - which will allow those countries which find Test cricket difficult to sustain economically the opportunity to continue to stage Test matches.”

The ICC has not yet announced the funds’ terms of usage, or how it will hold boards accountable to the objective of encouraging Test cricket. 


John-Williams promises football for all

Wed, 11/25/2015 - 08:52

David John-Williams, the W Connection president, who will be contesting Sunday’s T&TFA presidency, is promising a brand new style of football that will benefit all in T&T if he emerges as head of the country’s football following the elections.

Days before the staging of the annual general meeting (AGM) and election of officers, John-Williams in a 38-page manifesto on his plans for the game, said he will ensure the development of the sport at all levels, with specific emphasis on increasing the number of boys and girls getting the opportunity to play; encourage and facilitate them in successfully fulfilling a professional career and improve the infrastructure at the community level so that securing and sustaining corporate support would be key to achieving these objectives. 

To achieve this goal of youth development, he is proposing that the primary schools programme be re-designed based on current best practice, regarding the player-development and age-appropriate coaching that children are exposed to. For instance the athletic side of the player requires special attention when the player is developing physically. 

He is also calling for a philosophy of play and player-development system that will begin at an early age and will ensure that all coaches and support staff adhere to at the youth level.  

According to John-Williams, the sport has been a passion for him as a youth and he has been very lucky to establish a professional football club and at the same time contribute to the administration of the sport. This administrative skills will be his key focus on Sunday when he tangles with a number of top football administrators for the post of president of the embattled football association. 

They include incumbent president Raymond Tim Kee, ex referee Ramesh Ramdhan, vice president of the T&T Referees Association Clynt Taylor and Selby Browne - president of the Veteran Football Federation of T&T. John Williams also pledged that he will improve the image of the TTFA by enhancing its credibility through transparency; lead the transformation of the sport and hence redefining its vision, mission, core values and outline its operating principles; encorporate football nationals in assisting local bodies to create a football council and conduct the activities of the TTFA in a manner that is consistent with the highest ethical and morale standards, among others. 

Concerns of the effectiveness of the new TTFA constitution which was put in accordance with the FIFA guidelines recently, will be a key focus if the W Connection boss is elected into office. He said a clear definition and clarity to the constitution, particularly as it pertains to issues that are not addressed, will be taken care of within his first six months in office. And he explained that in doing this, there will be consultation with all members of the TTFA and relevant FIFA officials. 

Financial management which has been a critical problem for the football association under many different administrations, will also be changed. He said the cost of running the TTFA has increased significantly and therefore a new system that will adopt a professional and transparent practice will be used. And from this system, the government will be lobbied to provide funding from the sport and cultural fund through the National Control Lotteries Board. 

In addition, the John-Williams administration will source sponsorship deals, long term TV rights deals for local and international matches, uniform/kits agreement and establish a season ticket holder programme.     

Information on football players, their matches and the search for football jerseys etc will all be made easier, with John-Williams saying that his administration will work closely to expand, enhance and equip a self-financing media and marketing departments that will improve the image and brand of football in T&T. And among some of its many functions is to ensure the creation of a first time football museum at the football home which is supposed to be in Marabella and the construction of a TTFA football store where all apparel and souvenir items can be sought.           

This department will also make achieves on players and teams available to the public as well as lead to the creation of a home stadium for national teams. 

​NAME: David John Williams

CLUB: W Connection

PROFESSION: Contractor 



‘Shine’ like a diamond

Wed, 11/25/2015 - 08:46

Shine Likeadiamond has an excellent chance in the Maiden Stakes over five furlongs of Kemptopn polytrack today and justifies support to make it thirteenth time lucky!

Only Fruit Salad stands in her way.

Nine places, which include six seconds, make Shine Likeadiamond an exasperating proposition for trainer Mick Channon, who recently ‘spelled’ this Atlantic Sport filly for twenty-six days following her worst effort on ‘soft’ at Leicester, over six furlongs; too far!

This ploy often pays dividends for sprinters and, significantly, Shine Likeadiamond returned to the fray on Lingfield ‘poly’ four days ago when positive tactics brought about a ‘career-best’ effort; in the closing stages Belle Mare Plage went ahead only for fast-finishing Olympic   Runner to grab the spoils and win by a length.

Shine Likeadiamond was only half further back, running on strongly.

Twice-raced Fruit Salad is an obvious danger, her recent half length second to Prisom over the minimum trip on Tapeta reads well form-wise.

Under no circumstances James Bethell’s charge be discounted but others need to improve considerably; in summary if odds of 2/1 or better are available for Shine Likeadiamond, she represents a ‘price to chance’ opportunity.

Incidentally ‘Shine’ was ridden by Charles Bishop last Saturday but John Egan is back on board, why?

Mywayistheonlyway and The Commendatore have similar profies going into the Maiden Stakes over six furlongs; both made promising debut performances over this course and distance and it’s difficult to split them on the time-handicap.

Obviously with three places, and both drawn well, an each-way punt on the former is advised, especially now Martyn Meade’s yard has finally hit form; stable-companion Annie Salts was unlucky last week and a fortnight back Consulting beat The Commmendatore!

Sabga wants to make a difference

Wed, 11/25/2015 - 08:44

Candidate for vice presidency at Sunday’s T&T Football Association (TTFA) annual general meeting (AGM) and election of officers John Sabga has said he wants to make a difference in local football. 

He is contesting the post of vice president on the slate of ex-T&T referee Ramesh Ramdhan. Yesterday he said the team has made tremendous strides to date. Ramdhan, Sabga and the team which also include the hardworking Curtis Rudd who is touted to be the general secretary if they are elected, have been meeting with members of the various zones including the Central Football Association (CFA) which has public come out against Ramdhan. 

The visits have been basically to woo representatives of the different zones and according to Sabga, they have been getting good responses. But he made it clear though that it will only be on the day that they will know their fate. 

Central clubs have publicly criticised Ramdhan, the lone T&T football referee to have officiated at the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, accusing him of not even showing any plan for the development of football in the central zone to them and piggy-backing on the central executives which is led by long-standing football administrator Bryan Layne and his secretary Stephen Bartholomew. 

That however may have been resolved now, as Sabga said the clubs were in agreements with their plans and seem interested in having them in charge of local football. 

He said that although he does not need football in T&T, he has for many years seen the same people in charge of the game and he has been, like a true supporter, shouted from the sidelines of what he feels should be done, although his calls have fallen on deaf ears. 

“So now I have decided to get involved and do it for myself and to be honest I am doing it because I want to,” Sabga said. 

His main challenger for the vice president position will be Colin Murray, the Events and Sponsorship manager at Carib Brewery who is on the slate of incumbent president Raymond Tim Kee. Sabga yesterday criticised the embattled football association under Tim Kee, saying, “For last week’s match alone I have not seen one single booth in or out of the Hasely Crawford Stadium selling Soca Warriors jerseys and other replica items. This is our national team and for an event of that magnitude anyone should have been able to walk into the stadium and get a jersey to support the team.” 

He explained that the football association cannot go begging government for money all the time when there are avenues to generate income. 

“In fact we know that they are in the red but we really do not know by how much and therefore it will be good for the TTFA to open their books to the public for all to see how much they really owe and decide on how they can pay back those they owe monies to,” Sabga said. 

Only recently ex-T&T midfielder Russell Latapy who was coach of the T&T team from 2009- 2011, was paid part of the monies owed to him by the football association. The payment came, thanks to Minister of Sports Darryl Smith and his ministry. However the TTFA will have to find a way to pay the remaining amount owed to the “Little Magician”. 

Sabga is advising interested persons who are desirous of serving football in T&T to not feel that there is anything to gain financially from it. 

“It should be a self serving job,” he said. 

He explained further that all must be done to ensure that there is stability in the sport, saying the Soca Warriors have been playing well in spite of the turmoil in the administration of the sport.  

 “This stability is what we must give them,” Sabga said. 

Yesterday they visited the South zone and tomorrow they will have a meeting with members of women football to convince them to vote for them.



To Russia with love

Wed, 11/25/2015 - 08:42

As the optimism grows and a feeling of hope envelopes the football loving supporters of T&T’s  Soca Warriors in the race for a place at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, some harsh realities must be addressed.

The four points in the bag could easily have been six but once again funding - the perennial enemy of sport in this country, rears its ugly head.

It is to coach Stephen Hart’s credit that we have won and drawn in our two matches so far, but the reality is that Hart and his talented group have not had the kind of preparation with which the coach could be happy.

 In spite of the hostility and fireworks of the coming days as the TTFA heads for elections, it is my hope that the Association can work with their major financier, the Ministry of Sports to ensure that all is done to assist this team. 

It is one thing for the Minister of Sport to be posing and hugging former standout national Russell Latapy but the minister must understand that while we must ignore the past, it is the future that will bring us the unity and joy that T&T craves and he needs to fix this team on the way to Russia. The players are that good! They can do it.

As Hart prepares his team to battle  St Vincent on Good Friday, his programmes and plans must be quickly approved and funded.  Minister Darryl Smith would not want to start his reign with the reputation of failing to support the Warriors. As someone who speaks tirelessly of athletes and legacy (although two months have passed and the National Sporting Archives have not resumed despite his promises), this would surely undermine his aspirations.

Support coach Hart, Mr Minister, it will pay off.

Players injuries, travel, and most importantly earnings, need to be carefully monitored. We need to ensure that the best medical team is assembled with upgraded equipment.

 In terms of payments to players, we must ensure that this is done as soon as a match is completed and therefore restore confidence and belief in the players minds that their financial affairs are being addressed. There is little doubt  that a forward, a midfielder or a defender would play even better, if they do not have to be concerned with these financial matters during the course of a match.

As a matter of transparency, all candidates opposing the incumbent Raymond Tim Kee in Sunday’s elections, must declare their positions on Hart and his team going forward, because if there is a change in administration, this must not affect the road to Russia.

None of the candidates must interfere with the operations of the team, as we have seen this before and it has been a mess. These assurances need to be given immediately by all concern.

There is currently a good chemistry in this team, which is heightened by the composure and demeanour of the coach. Hart is quite an astute  leader, with a lot of time for the players who based on what we have seen also believe in him. This shows in the fighting spirit within the squad. They have a never say die attitude.

 Individually we have seen a lot of players  asserting themselves. In this regard, the captain Kenwyne Jones has led, but we must not forget the strong presence of Jan Michael-Williams. However, I like the work rate, and temperament of players such as Danielle Cyrus, Sheldon Bateau, Joevin Jones, Khaleem Hyland and Andre Boucard. This is an improving team, and we are still to watch the finished product.

I have no doubt that if Hart is given what he needs, this team can excel, but we need to avoid the unnecessary problems of the past, by being proactive and this where the Ministry of Sports and the TTFA must become husband and wife, so even when they quarrel or disagree, the children do not suffer.

Finally, we must all believe that in time, corporate T&T will come forward to assist  in the journey, like they did in 1989 and 2005.

We can’t escape the fact that national unity is forged through the sweat and talent of our sporting fraternity. We live in an oftentimes cruel world as the recent events of Paris will testify.

Therefore, we the people of this country, who continue to suffer, corruption, crime, favoritism and dishonesty, need FOOTBALL to lift our spirits and make us all believe again that good can overcome evil.

The TTFA’s elections on Sunday may well be a reference point - a point from which we can return to the glory days of celebration, when T&T as a country and a people could lay claims to putting aside all differences and standing together behind a national force.

The Soca Warriors are that good. Let’s put our hearts into this. And get to Russia with love.

Bassarath says Smith on track

Wed, 11/25/2015 - 08:40

President of the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB), Azim Bassarath has praised minister of Sport, Darryl Smith for showing what he terms ‘total respect’ to the cricket board by including them in taking the sport forward.

Bassarath was invited by Smith to tour the ill-fated Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba, South Trinidad, yesterday. The stadium, which was started under the last PNM administration in 2006 for the 2007 ICC World Cup, was neglected by the PP administration but the minister is keen to get the project completed and is looking to get cricket there next year.

Bassarath said the minister has shown that he wants development. 

“We had our problems in the past with certain people in government but Mr Smith has embraced us and is making us a part of the movement forward. We at the TTCB are very impressed with this young man and we will give him all the support we can from our end, as he looks to get this stadium completed, so international cricket can be played in the south where it is well supported.

“He has shown us total respect and this is the way to move, if you want stakeholder buy in and support in moving sports forward in this country. He has not only embraced the TTCB but other sporting associations and for this we all must be thankful. He does not think he has all the answers, he wants to hear from the stakeholders and this is the hallmark of a good leader.”

During the tour, Smith was concerned at the state of disrepair and pledged to work alongside project managers UDeCOTT to bring the sprawling facility to a functional state.

The tour was led by project architects and officials of UDeCOTT, including chairman Noel Garcia. According to the architects, extensive work is required but the facility is far from unsalvageable. Minister Smith insisted that the requisite assessments be carried out to ensure structural and other foundation work was sound before proceeding. Minister Smith is also keen to move forward with a consultative approach, including the voices of cricket and other stakeholders, such as disabled sport and media.

On the invitation of Smith, the tour group was joined by Brian Lara—after whom the facility was   named. The cricketer expressed his disappointment that the stadium and plans for its training and performance usage had been shelved. He praised Smith for his open-door approach and indicated his willingness to advise the Ministry and UDeCOTT on the technical areas of the facility. Lara hinted at his concern about lending his name to an incomplete project but said he had faith that the current Minister and government would make every effort to turn the derelict space into a vibrant hub for cricket, which he asserted was strongly supported by fans in south and central Trinidad.

Lara Stadium to be opened in 2016

Wed, 11/25/2015 - 08:39

Sports Minister Darryl Smith has announced that the controversial Brian Lara Stadium at Tarouba is to be opened by mid-2016, years after it was scheduled to be completed in time for the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

While the legendary Lara, after whom the facility was named, is happy that some attention is being paid to the stadium, he is contemplating whether or not he wants his name associated when it is completed.

Smith, Lara, members of the Cricket Board, The Urban Development Company (UdeCott) and project managers yesterday visited the stadium which was initially set to be constructed at a cost of $500m in 2006, but which was riddled with cost overruns over the years.

Following a tour of the site, Smith told members of the media that completing the stadium was a mandate from Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

“As you know, there are many issues with this facility, but we are hearing good news this morning that there is some light over the horizon with regards to starting back as early as January. We are going to be doing the tenders and so on and somewhere next year or so, we are hoping to have an opening.”

Udecott chairman Noel Garcia also assured that the structural integrity of the building is sound. “Udecott has commissioned a structural review and I am pleased to say that the structure has been found to be sound and there are no major issues with the structure. Therefore we can push ahead to start this project in January. We are hoping to substantially complete somewhere in June.”

He said when the project is finished, the nation will be proud of it. 

However, NLBA architect Raul Poon King who has been involved with the ICC requirements for cricket stadiums, said he was not too happy with the present state of the facility, but noted the reconstruction challenges were doable.

He said the contractors are working on a $90 million budget. He added: “like any renovation, when you touch it, you really start to find out what’s inside. But the structure seems sound.”

 Smith, who was visiting the facility for the first time, could not give a completion cost. He said because the project was stalled for five years, moving forward and getting it completed was all that mattered.  “In moving forward we must forget the past, dust ourselves off and take a positive approach to getting it done. At the end of the day, it is the taxpayers money. It is the people’s money. It is not mine, it is not Mr Lara’s, it’s nobody here own.”

 Smith said he was not in a position to give a final figure. “But it is a positive start with regards to the fact that we could actually make a decision.”

He said the price of oil and gas will be taken into consideration to ensure the project does not go over the budget. 

He noted the failure for Trinidad and Tobago and West Indian cricket to be denied another state-of-the-art venue for cricket all those years, was disheartening, not just for him, but for the entire country.

 Lara agreed. “I think the minister said it right. It is disheartening, disappointing for something that was so close to completion to be left alone and to arrive back with it to this stage is for me a very sad moment. I am a bit happy that something might be done in the near future. I don’t think there should be any rush. I think it should be pretty much well planned working forward. Cricket season is not until January, which is impossible for this year. Maybe 2017 we might be looking at something a little better.”

Lara said while he was not consulted much in the past: “and I am not asking for the minister’s position, I am sure I am going to be consulted on this occasion, because it bears my name and I am known for playing very long innings. But sometimes you have to declare your hand and I am definitely going to be making a decision on the future of my name at this venue. I have been through about 11 tumultuous years with what has happened with this place and I personally don’t think I could take anymore.”

Lara said he is hopeful that the Rowley administration could see the light and what’s possible at Tarouba.

Campbell inspires Scorpions victory

Tue, 11/24/2015 - 00:28

A fine all-round display by John Campbell took the Jamaica Scorpions to a six-wicket victory over the T&T Red Force in their third round PCL four-day clash at the Queen’s Park Oval yesterday. The former West Indies U-19 player surprised all by grabbing a career best 7/71 to skittle out the Red Force for 175 in their second innings, to set his team a victory target of 156. To make sure there were no let ups, the left hander opening the batting came good with an unbeaten 83 to end a remarkable match.

T&T Red Force 271 and 175 versus Jamaica Scorpions 291 and 156/4. Not known for his bowling, Campbell surprised all with his off-spinners as he kept a tight line just outside the off-stump to the many left handers on the Red Force team and allowed them to make the mistakes.

Set 156 for victory, Campbell and opening partner Paul Palmer killed off the early nerves to post 41 for the opening wicket. Red Force skipper Yannick Ottley employed spin very early in the piece, with the track playing slow and allowing for turn but his spinners could not get the early breakthrough needed to worry the visitors. Palmer left for 17 but did his job in supporting Campbell.

Barbadian Kirk Edwards then made sure there was no collapse as he grafted to 20 as the score moved along to 86 before he was run out. Despite losing Andre McCarthy and Tamar Lambert, Campbell took command of the situation and stayed to guide his team to victory. He batted for 165 minutes and faced 150 balls, striking seven fours in the process.

Earlier, Red Force resuming on 87/4 needed skipper Yannick Ottley to play a major role in a bid for a competitive score. However, after taking the score past the 100-run mark, he lost overnight partner Yannic Carriah for 19. Carriah was bowled by Nikita Miller and at that point,from then it was the John Campbell show. With four wickets to his credit on day three, Campbell made Ottley his fifth, as he was caught by Kirk Edwards for 24.

Soon the score slipped to 133 for eight and it took a rearguard stand of 38 from wicketkeeper Steven Katwaroo 29 and Daniel St. Clair to take the score past the 150-run mark. With the win, the Jamaicans moved into second place with 34 points, still 19 points shy of leaders 19 points Guyana who has won all three matches.

Red Force with the loss is now in joint third place with the Barbados Pride. T&T coach Gus Logie said his team missed the experience of skipper Rayad Emrit, who is in Bangladesh playing in the BPL. “There were just certain moments that we did not seize the initiative and it cost us. The guys missed the experience of Emrit, who has gotten them to play well under him.

“Having said that, I thought the team played well for certain parts of the game. We have quality in the team but we did not get the partnerships we needed. The pitch also changed characteristics a lot as the match went on and even on the final day we expected to get some assistance for our bowlers but it did not happen. We have some time before the next match and we are going to play a two-day match on the weekend, to try and get accustomed with this pitch.”

Red Force next plays Guyana on December 4 at the Queen’s Park Oval.


Jamaica vs T&T
T&T 1st inns 271
Jamaica 1st inns 291
T&T 2nd inns
(overnight 87/4)
K Ottley c Jacobs b Campbell 31
J Solozano c Palmer b Campbell 19
K Mayers c McCarthy b Campbell 3
N Deonarine st Walton b Campbell 14
Y Carriah b Miller 19
Y Ottley c Edwards b Campbell 24
S Katwaroo st Walton b Campbell 29
I Khan c Mindley b Campbell 1
M Richards c Walton b Miller 4
D St. Clair lbw Miller 26
K Kantasingh not out 3
Extras: 2b, 1lb, 1nb, 1w 5
Total: all out 175
Fall of wkts: 49, 49, 56, 74, 104, 116, 119, 133, 171,
Bowling: M Mindley 3-0-8-1, J Dawes 1-0-14-0, D
Bernard 2-0-6-0, N Miller 32-6-64-3, J Campbell
30.5-8-73-7, D Jacob 1-0-7-0.
Jamaica 2nd inns
J Campbell not out 83
P Palmer c Y Ottley b Kantasingh 17
K Edwards run out 20
A McCarthy st Katwaroo b Kantasingh 17
T Lambert c Richards b Kantasingh 13
C Walton not out 1
Extras: 1b, 4lb 5
Total: for 4 wkts 156
Fall of wkts: 41, 86, 125, 145.
Bowling: M Richards 2-0-5-0, N Deonarine 11-1-37-
0, K Kantasingh 16.3-4-51-3, I Khan 17-1-54-0, Y
Carriah 2-1-4-0.
Result: Jamaica won by 6 wkts.
Man of the match: John Campbell.

JAGUARS 337 (Vishaul Singh 121, Leon Johnson 74,
Assad Fudadin 42, Raymon Reifer 32, Shimron Hetmyer
24) and 43 for one (Leon Johnson 20 not out)
PRIDE 104 (Gudakesh Motie 3-19, Veerasammy Permaul
3-41, Steven Jacobs 2-18) and 272 (Jonathan Carter 89,
Shamarh Brooks 53, Roston Chase 50, Kyle Corbin 24;
Gudakesh Motie 6-79, Steven Jacobs 2-105)

1. Guyana Jaguars 53 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 9
2. Jamaica Scorpions 34 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 4 6
3. Barbados Pride 28 3 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 4 9
3. T&T Red Force 28 3 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 5 8
5. W/wards Volcanoes 21 3 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 7
6. L/wards Hurricanes 7 3 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 7

T&T hockey men tackle Brazil

Tue, 11/24/2015 - 00:15

Notre Dame’s Darren Cowie will lead a youthful T&T senior men’s hockey team into battle against host Brazil from 3 pm today in Rio de Janiero, Brazil when the four-team Olympic Test Event flicks off until Saturday. In the day’s opening match, Chile and Mexico will face off from 12.30 pm.

Tomorrow, T&T faces Chile from 1 pm, followed by Mexico and Brazil at 3.30 pm. On Friday, the final day of round-robin matches will see Mexico facing T&T at 11 am and Chile versus from Brazil from 1.30 pm At the end of the round-robin stage, the top two teams will meet in Saturday’s final while the remaining two teams play for third.

In addition to Cowie, the 18-man T&T squad also includes reigning T&T Hockey Board “Player of the Year” and Pan American Elite All Star, Akim Toussaint, veteran goalkeeper Andrey Rocke, 2013 “Player of the Year” Mickell Pierre, Kiel Murray, Marcus James and Shaquille Daniel.

With an eye towards the future, national coach Glen “Fido” Francis’ squad features ten players who are currently training with the national Under-21  squad in preparation for the Junior Pan American Championships in May, 2016 headed by Courts Malvern trio Kristien Emmanuel, Tariq Marcano and Teague Marcano.

Queen’s Park Cricket Club (QPCC) duo Jarryon Paul and Zachary Clarke along with Carib’s Dylan Francis have been named to the team for the first time.

The Olympic Test Event is an exhibition tournament and does not serve as a qualifier for any future Olympic or World Cup competition, but will however provide the organising committee with an important opportunity to test the Olympic competition area and results system, as well as integrating all relevant stakeholders and training the team of people who will be responsible for running the event during the 2016 Games.

Tournament schedule

Chile vs Mexico, 12.30 pm
T&T vs Brazil, 3 pm

T&T vs Chile, 1 pm
Mexico vs Brazil, 3.30 pm

Mexico vs T&T, 11 am
Chile vs Brazil, 1.30 pm

Third vs Fourth, 2.30 pm
First vs Second, 3.30 pm

T&T men’s hockey team

Darren Cowie (captain), Andrey Rocke (GK), Kwasi Emmanuel (GK), Akim Toussaint, Mickell Pierre, Kiel Murray, Marcus James, Shaquille Daniel, Michael O’Connor II, Jordan Vieira, Kristien Emmanuel, Lyndell Byer, Jarryon Paul, Tariq Marcano, Teague Marcano, Zachary Clarke, Dylan Francis, Che Modeste.

Technical staff:  Glenn “Fido” Francis (coach), Christabella George-Ford (manager), Kirth Davis (asst. manager), Nicholas Baldeosingh (videographer), Zynul Khan (Doctor), Karielle De Bique (physiotherapist), Kevin MacIntyre (massage therapist), Shayne Cooper (trainer)

Battle Pride napped again

Tue, 11/24/2015 - 00:13

Battle Pride is napped again for the Novice Stakes over seven furlongs of Southwell fibresand today because Richard Hannon’s charge will be re-united with stable jockey Sean Levey and is in a different league to four rivals, including forecast-favourite Good Trip.

On my time-handicap once-raced, Godolphin-owned, Good Trip achieved a mark way short of my ‘Battle’-hardened selection when  successful three weeks ago on ‘soft’ ground at Nottingham, where he beat West Drive by three-quarters of a length.

Chances are Good Trip will indeed improve but Battle Pride has ‘done it’ consistently and even his recent last of four behind Race Day over a mile of Lingfield ‘poly’ reads much better; the winner went in again three days ago!

That’s not the reason for siding with Battle Pride, an Acclamation colt which should be suited by the drop in distance, I’m relying on experience and superiority. Others have no chance! Incidentally none has encountered the ‘deep stuff!’

Judged on her action Lady McGuffy should handle it in the Claiming Stakes over seven furlongs; Michael Dods’ charge stayed on strongly to win on a ‘soft’ surface at Redcar last month, her first attempt at this trip.

That was also a claimer; normally we’re not enamoured by this-type race as they are often ‘iffy’ but at the end of any year no one is trying to be coy and Lady McGuffy justifies support. What beats her will win! 

Countermand gets his best chance to date in a moderate nine-runner Maiden Stakes over twelve furlongs; by process of elimination this is an each-way ‘steal!’