About Us

Founded 26th September, 2005

CNC3 seeks to encourage healthy debate among our viewers and fans, who make up a large cross section of our diverse society. While we provide this forum, the comments, videos, pictures and other content posted by fans in no way represent the view of CNC3. Rather they represent the views, opinions and activities of the individual member and fans.

But there must of course be rules as to what you post here on this page. As such we have five simple rules to guide you in this regard. Kindly avoid all posts that:

1. Contain obscenities of any sort (graphic language, pornographic images, etc). 
2. Seek to bring anyone and their reputations into disrepute. Please do not use this page to air unsubstantiated allegations as though they were fact. Such action can be deemed libellous and reflect poorly on the reputation of the station.
3. Is not respectful of other people's views. You may not always agree with the contributions of others - but this is a civilized society, and we must respect people's right (and responsibility) to Free Speech. Do not therefore use it as an opportunity to launch personal attacks on your fellow posters.
4. Any post that is deemed to attack any person or group on the basis of skin colour, ethnic background, sexual orientation, education, economic status, or religion WILL BE DELETED.
5. Features a link to a competing media company or refers in any way to their content.

CNC3 Television reserves the right to DELETE any post which it deems to be offensive to any quarter, as well as to BAN any user who chooses to ignore good taste and regard for their fellow poster.

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